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About Me

Ruby Saud - Digital Marketing Expert in Nepal

Hello there! I’m Ruby – an IT Engineer and completed Masters in Computer Engineering from Pokhara University. I’m an “accidental Digital Marketer”, Content Writer, & certified SEO Expert, and now living the dream. In Marketing, I enjoy the number, tools, Facebook platform, analysis & strategy. I respect the honestly & authenticity, and dread deception & manipulation in work and my own life. I always step out of my comfort zone and thrive on new experiences to learn what my strengths & weakness are, not only in work but all the aspects of my life.

I’ve always been a story-teller first, long before I stumbled upon my career/ life. Then it all started with writing silly imaginary and my daily boring stigma when I was going through a migraine, my worst days and I discovered another medium to express myself. Capturing emotions in a book/ note has been one of the most important parts of my life because I find a reflection of myself on them.

As I’m from the technical field, I’m passionate about new Technology and Internet Marketing. Due to my passion for blogging and marketing, I started this personal blog 'Mysticrubs- Digital Marketing Expert in Nepal’, and I’m really excited about this.

“The future arrives really fast then we ever thought, now we live in a world of screens which wholly turn upside down.”

Mysticrubs is a website that updates you about the latest technology, marketing, Entertainment, how-to’s, lifestyle, food & drinks, and many more. Our main aim is to look for amazing resources and tools, & provide you with very useful and effective knowledge about at your fingertips. This site target to provide knowledge and information on various latest topics which relate to our menu and we really hope you would not regret visiting this blog. Your suggestion and feedback are always welcome.

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