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Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About AMAZON MARKETING STRATEGIES

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Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About AMAZON MARKETING STRATEGIES

Fascinating AMAZON MARKETING STRATEGIES Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Do you want to learn Amazon’s marketing strategies? Amazon has been recognized as one of the most successful innovative companies to exist. Jeff Bezos was stunned, back in 1994, due to discovering 2300% growth on the Internet which led him to think to start an online business. The Amazon Business Strategies has been evolved since it was founded. Any business company that is looking to sell on Amazon should look for marketing inspiration. If you want to steal and learn some tactics behind Amazon Business Strategies & Marketing plan, then check out Revenue Weekly to get constant steam ideas.

Due to the global pandemic, the eCommerce giants are experiencing the most intense growth phases. In the first 6 months of 2021, Amazon reported $108.52 billion on net sales that is increased by 43.8% from $75.45 billion in the last year 2020. Amazon’s fulfillment services for sellers on the marketplace net service sales hit $51.02 billion that is increased by 51.8% from the prior year’s $33.61 billion.

Growth of Amazon and its business model evolution

“Forbes recently rates an Amazon as the attractive on their Q-factor score on May 2021.”

The key measure of any commercial website is to perform the most efficient measure on the revenue per visitor, and that’s what Amazon does. Of course, revenue per visitor is quite different due to the lower costs of .coms like Google, Facebook. When Amazon first launched in 1994, it had a clear mission that: “Earth’s biggest selection and to be Earth’s most customer-centric company”. Now, Amazon offers: “to continue those goals, also Amazon’s customers are worldwide and grow huge to Sellers, Content Creators, Consumers, Enterprises, & Developers. Each of them has different needs, and we’re always working to meet those needs buy innovative new solutions by making things easier, better, cost-effective, and faster ways.”

Amazon will be customer-centric even after 25 years from now. Also, Jeff Bezos explains about customer obsession. He said that their focus has been to offer compelling customers value and therefore they set out to offer customers which would they simply could not get any other way & began serving them with books.

amazon marketing strategies

Undoubtedly, Amazon is the biggest eCommerce retailer in the world. As I mentioned earlier, they have jumped their net sales and that’s a vast difference. Amazon is doing something right, but they are doing everything right.

Amazon invests in different Technologies and makes money

Amazon web services (AWS)

Amazon has recently invested in businesses based on the Cloud Computing acquired companies. In early 2017, Amazon acquired several companies that strengthen their cloud business like, GameSparks, ThinkBox software.

To increases the usage of cloud technology, AWS is investing some money to open data centers in France & Britain. AWS accounted for 58.9% of the company’s operating income cloud segment in 2020.

Amazon Prime Video

This is the Amazon entertainment sector where amazon invests in Movies and TV series by production or acquisition. It strives to compete with other streaming rivals like Netflix, Disney, HBO, etc. Prime amazon members can enjoy its streaming services as the membership and other non-members have to go for a plan for a cost of $8.99 per month.

Amazon has over 126 million members on prime in the US and Netflix has only 73.94 million subscribers. They continue to launch original amazon prime series and movies worldwide because of its amazing reviews on Rotten Tomatoes which made Amazon pay the price.

Amazon Studios

Amazon went for creating its tv-series and movies production distributor, known for Amazon Studios because creating a video streaming service is not going to help. They focus on content related to a particular geography, not only English content.

Prime Music

Amazon also gives tough competition to Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, etc. they are not only limited to video streaming. Amazon offers millions of songs in its library to its prime members.

For a better experience, Amazon integrates Alexa in its Prime Music App that helps its members to find the songs they are searching for.

Amazon Alexa

“We are in the middle of an obvious one right now i.e., machine learning and artificial intelligence. These big trends are not hard to spot but they can be hard for big organizations to embrace.”

– Jeff Bezos

Amazon continuously focuses on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance its customer experience. They announced a new research center in Germany to focus on developing AI in 2017. Amazon’s partnership with Microsoft ensures for research in AI where Alexa and Cortana would be their assistants to communicate with each other and offer services to the users.

In 2021, Amazon announced Alexa that create custom-branded voice assistants to be powered by and work in cooperation. Surprisingly, Alexa has become a huge success than the other top personal assistants in the market. Further amazon would be supported in BMW cars beginning of the next year.

Learn more about how AI is used in Marketing?

Amazon Robotics and Drones

Amazon has been investing in robotics and drones’ technologies that acquired many patents on them. Amazon acquired Kiya systems company that design robots for the packing and picking process for $775 million in 2012. The company has 14,000 robots by 2014 for its 10 warehouses. And, the count has increased by 114% to 30,000 robots and the number is increased by 50% to 45,000 robots in 2012 across 20 warehouses. Amazon organizes challenges for inventing a next-gen robot in different institutes and universities, and in 2017, the prize money was $250,000.

The future service and initiative of amazon are drone delivery. They started its drone delivery in Britain under Amazon Prime air. The Us government approved a drone delivery program in 2017 and stated that they want to open new opportunities and commercial uses for a drone for creating a job. There are no surprise id amazon further ventures into the domain of automobiles.

Amazon Go

Amazon introduced in 2016 the world’s largest advanced level physical store, and officially open in 2018 to the public. Amazon Go showed that amazon research machine learning can eliminate jobs in the future for sure. The store has no checkout point, that’s why there is no cashier for making payments for your purchase. Whenever you take a product from the shelves, it is automatically added to the payment cart. Then, the payment is automatically deducted from your digital wallet or account.

Amazon go. world largest supermarket

Autonomous Vehicles

Amazon has been investing and researching autonomous vehicles that feature bi-directional driving and can be capable of speed up to 75 miles/hour. Certain pieces suggest the company’s interest in driverless vehicles, although it was a strong move by Amazon to invest in autonomous vehicles.

Amazon business strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Amazon maximizes the presence of its product in the search results both on Google and Amazon with the help of SEO. Amazon captures a lot of its traffic and sales with a higher ranking in the search engine results.

With amazon SEO, you can optimize your product listings to increase your rank in amazon search results. Higher the rank, higher sales number. Because 70% of shoppers stick on the first page of amazon’s first search results. You can start with Amazon SEO with the following tactics:

  • Research keywords and find the relevant search terms for your products.
  • Add your main keyword to the listing of product titles.
  • Add your related keywords in your listing of products description and features.
  • High-quality product images must be uploaded to your listing.
  • Select relevant products and appropriate categories for your products.
  • Focus on the competitive price on Amazon seller fees and other expenses.

PPC Advertising

With the help of (pay-per-click) PPC Advertising, Amazon gains a significant amount of revenue, and they can promote its products like Amazon Echo, and services like Amazon Prime very easily on their website and other third parties like

By advertising on Amazon, you can drive more traffic for your business. Amazon offers various targeting options to ensure ads by delivering them to the most relevant shoppers. You can add PPC to your Amazon marketing plan in between several ad types: Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display, and more.

Sponsored brands work for the best brand awareness for your business. You can promote your top-selling products and brands in the relevant search results. For better results, you can add the number of reviews, products’ star rating, and amazon prime status.

Sponsored brands- amazon

Sponsored Display and Products works for generating sales for a single listing.

Sponsored Display and Products

Whichever ads you use to promote your product or business, you need to optimize your product listings just before launching your ads. Your product listings with high-quality images, relevant titles and descriptions, and other benefit-rich features help to increase the number of shoppers to buy your products.

Email Marketing

Amazon uses email marketing to deliver personalized product recommendations, product reviews, and announcements for upcoming sales. Email marketing is the best strategy for any business or service.

Video Marketing

90% of the users make purchase decisions with the bits of help of videos. There is no surprise that Amazon also uses videos for advertising campaigns, product listings, and to persuade and educate customers to buy their products.

For video marketing, you can highlight your product uses, provide walkthroughs on how to set up and use your products, showcase your product’s design details, and others. All these can help to improve the listing of your product’s conversion rate, and leading to more sales & revenue.

amazon marketing strategies

The videos to your amazon listings with some tips are: avoid distracting background noise, limit your video up to 30-90 seconds, and use white/black backdrop for product showcase videos.

Website Design

From amazon, you could look at the web design which is the most overlooked marketing strategy. Regular updates to your website and its product pages, category pages, sign-up pages can empower sellers to drive even more sales.

The companies who want to get the most value from Amazon should launch a dedicated website for their products and brands. For instance, Anker grew its brand on amazon and now sells on both amazon and its website.

If your business sells on your site and amazon then you can unlock the most profitable marketing strategies like web design, email marketing, CRO, and user data. Amazon owns and controls the website design, website user data, website CRO tests, and more. Amazon has one million third-party sellers and some would likely abuse having greater access to shopper information and controls over website design for listing the products. That’s why investing in your website is the smart way. If you have a website for your company, you can create new avenues for driving revenue, and use search engines other than amazon like Google, and social media networks like Facebook and Instagram to drive a sale.

Amazon Marketing Strategies- website design

Also, you can use your website’s user data to inform email marketing and CRO efforts.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

Amazon recognizes that user looks other users before they purchase a product. So, amazon allows customers to leave a product review, answer other customers’ questions, upload product photos, and videos.

UGC tactics are more apparent in amazon’s marketing plans. People trust one another while making a purchase decision, and one study found 80% use social media for buying advice.

Amazon marketing Strategies- UGC

Today attracting user-generated content is one of the challenges. Because it requires work on the part of the customer/shopper. Your business can work to get ratings & reviews, customer photos & videos by using the Request a Review tool, signing up for Amazon Vine, enrolling in the Amazon Reviewer Program, and Encourage Social Media Followers to write a review on Amazon. And, in some cases you may need more send requests than receive reviews because it will put ahead of competitors by those requests will lead to valuable reviews and UGC.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Amazon discovers a new way to design its product listings and structure in search results with the help of CRO. It motivates customers to checkout. Since Amazon has a maximum amount of traffic on its website, it can run CRO and implement the results very fast.

amazon strategies- CRO

User Data

User data is the foundation of amazon’s marketing strategy. With the help of those data, Amazon can personalize the online shopping experience by delivering relevant ads, recommendations, offering insight into what customers bought.


Amazon starts with an online book store and now it sells anything imaginable. Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has stated “Amazon is a customer-centric company”. Amazon now focuses their research and efforts on cloud services and personal assistant ALEXA for which they have raised funding over millions. They are trying to make Alexa even smarter with the help of hiring more AI talents. AWS would be a favorite choice for corporations in the future due to increases in sales. After breaking the record on sales, Prime is getting bigger in India and Mid-East. Jeff Bezos announced in 2020 to invest over $1 billion in India for the next five years. Amazon crossed almost $400 billion in revenue and has more than $1.6 trillion in the capital in the market. Amazon makes 70% revenue from its product sales but in reality, that is the part of the business to grow other more profitable segments.

Amazon could enter any kind of business they want due to its huge sources and that be a problem for the players in other domains. But if we take the competitors of Amazon, Walmart would be the noteworthy prime choice. Even though Amazon is ahead of Walmart based on market capitalization, in revenue, Amazon is still quite behind. But sources predict by 2022, Amazon would overtake Walmart’s revenue as well because of its fast growth.

Jeff Bezos and Walmart have grown during pandemic
source: Forbes

Amazon shows us a valuable lesson for how much we like to categorize things under fixes, definitions, and immutable categories. A company often has to create a business model to become a multi-billion enterprise and that takes advantage of several revenues & business models at once.

Let’s say Google, which started as a search engine with an advertising model, and yet it is now diversifying in other different areas.

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