Are Dogs taking over Pretty girl face in Marketing?

Are Dogs taking over Pretty girl face in Marketing?

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Are Dogs taking over Pretty girl face in Marketing?

“Have you ever noticed that advertising is going to the dogs or any others pet? Those cute and cuddly dogs are spreading everywhere from commercials to print ads, and sites all over the world. The question is, “Are dogs really taking over pretty girl face in marketing?”. Have you followed/seen any Instagram account with a cute dog that goes viral and gets more likes and comments than any other usual photos? Yes, right.”

Dogs are taking over the cutest and prettiest face as the current darlings of advertisers of all stripes. And Dogs are worth their weight in gold for good reason. We are in an era where customers are looking for something we relate to, something that appeals to our emotions, and some things that connect to our memories. An image or commercial of any animal, from cats to dogs to even elephants, in fact, sparks a real emotion in many humans. Animals (such as Kittens and Dogs) provide a great deal of psychological release that intensifies feelings. And what’s more relatable than a dog, huh?  According to Simply Insurance 2021, 470 million dogs and 370 million cats are kept as a pet worldwide, approximately.

Of course, man’s best friend-Dog won’t be every marketer’s best friend. This means every marketer should not think about using a dog in marketing. But dog advertising can teach us about effective marketing tactics.  Many marketing experts play on this and consumers who love animals feel at ease listening to many selling points of animal-centered ads.

Engage with Emotional and Physical Attraction that creates brand loyalty

Many pieces of research show that pet ownership alone has various benefits (i.e., reducing stress and lowering blood pressure) and even marketing experts understand it. We know that human emotional connection to animals doesn’t stop with ownership. Because looking at the animals in the picture and commercial ads also invoke our emotional and connected response toward animals. When dogs are used to help sell a product or any campaign then the human brain makes a connection.

are dogs taking over pretty girl face for marketing?
The brand’s iconic logo of Nipper the dog was first used in the company’s advertising in the 1920s and was used on the front of its first-ever store on Oxford Street when it opened in 1921.

are dogs taking over pretty girl face for marketing?
HMV, the brand ran a print advert featuring music group The Gorillaz as part of its wider ‘My Inspiration’ campaign in 2006.

Sell niche Products in a big way

In every ad of marketing, the main job is to capture the attention of the target audience. People cannot act on your ad if they don’t see it. A thousand ads are exposed to consumers every day and multitask now more than ever before. There is tough competition in digital marketing every day. This huge barrage of marketing messages has made us understand too selective about what we choose to notice.

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So, when a commercial comes on and the first starts with the cutest brown Labrador retriever dog sitting on a sofa, then people who have positive mental associations with dogs stop for a moment to take a look. When this happens, the advertiser will successfully scale a very challenging obstacle.

are dogs taking over pretty girl face for marketing?

Image from Digital Media Solutions

Launch an effective cause-Marketing Campaign

Not every time animals are used for ads or commercials for humans. Sometimes a dog is pitching for its own well-being. For the famous example of cause marketing, the ASPCA was in a unique position to leverage its own assets. The ASPCA with Sarah McLachlan released a sorrowful song “Angel” where abused and neglected animals strolling to stay alive were featured in 1998. This campaign raised $30 million in its first 2years of release.

So, the dogs in Marketing bring wins to brands, create awareness and loyalty among niche audiences, and provide lessons even outside the animal kingdom.

are dogs taking over pretty girl face for marketing?

Earning Money through Social Media

According to the Marketing Profs, 10% of consumers said that they were likely to purchase a product by a pet face, as compared to the 3% who consider purchasing from a celebrity endorsement. The trends of pets on social networks have been continuously increasing, gaining a million likes and earnings salaries from brands who pay for sponsored posts.

Jiffpon is the Pomeranian dog with 10.2 million Instagram followers, earns the most money per Instagram post up to $ 32,045, approximately, also holds a Guinness World Record to earn top money on Instagram.

Dog in marketing


Dog in marketing

“Now every campaign or ad must include a cuddle dog or any pet, but this strategy can help to develop marketing solutions that encourage some positive impacts on brands from the presence of cuddly canines today, tomorrow, and nearer future.”

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