Back Bitching | How do I react who talk behind my back

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Back Bitching | How do I react who talk behind my back

Back bitching people are those real cowards who do not have the guts to tolerate others’ success and goodwill.

Back bitching is common in this modern era. “It is okay to dislike someone, Or even dislike for no reason. But it is not okay to degrade, disrespect, and humiliate that person.” Attacking the other person’s life is very nasty and unethical.

I remembered my past days when I bottle up everything up, I hide my tears my emotions, I always pretend to be okay but inside I became something else. Every thought on those times was a battle to me, my sleepless nights cause suicidal thoughts, negativity surrounded me, I was hopeless, asking myself why I couldn’t control my thoughts? What did I do people makes fun of me? This was my destiny, my fate, how should anyone ignore their own fate? Is that my only fault I live my life on my own? I still remember I used to be scared & feel ashamed to go in front of my friends. Aba Aja k bhanxa …. mero k Kura katdai hola … bla bla … I slowly stop talking, getting quieter & quieter into silence. Increasing my thoughts to the extreme level cause migraine then. Migraine took over my head after that. Not only that, blurred eyes, sensitivity to lights, nausea & vomiting, problem to hear noises & sounds, mood swings, confusions… Depression, anxiety, migraine at the same time… Really, it’s hard to bear than any physical pain. Luckily, I have family & loved ones who understood my pain, took me to the hospital, and finally won with the help of many helping hands & still battling.

Nobody is lucky enough like you or me. So, if you can’t say anything good to others, please! stop backstabbing/ back-bitching. That doesn’t hurt you. They’re living their life; it won’t affect yours. Then why so much hate? Some people can’t digest it so easily. They might have no one to talk to, they might have their own problem, which causes depression & might finish their whole life, at last(Maybe). Personally, I’m now thankful to all those negative and difficult people in my life, they have shown me exactly who I never want to be. 

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