i love you to the moon and back

I Love you to the moon and back

3 years ago -

I Love you to the moon and back

Love you to the moon and back.

Buh we can’t be together and I’m crack.

I try to kill my body, my breath, my soul.

Thinking that if I m gone, he’ll remorse.

What if he won’t come for seeing my caster?

What if my retract goes for nothing?


I imagine my mother tears when she sees my caster.

My father stares at my corpse, who struggles throughout his life to see me an engineer.

My friends look at me and start sobbing

And I started looking back

At the time in my life, i’m gleeful.

Those beautiful moments I share with my family, my friends

Those funny, silly things I did when I’m drunk.

Those smiling faces when I’m around.

Do I miss the summer days when I can wear little clothes with full-on confidence,

the colz days, the girly gossips fight with sista n Broda.

Due to my one wrong turns, I forget to live my life with pleasure

How can I be so selfish to leave those precious

Do I get a right to makes tears roll down their cheeks?

I have come so far, I don’t want to be cliche by giving up now 

May be coming day I can bloom from a bud.

Like a rainbow after every storm.

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