Major New INSTAGRAM UPDATES 2021 | You must check Out

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Major New INSTAGRAM UPDATES 2021 | You must check Out

Updated your Instagram yet? Over the weekend, Instagram unveiled some major new features and its exciting news for influencers, content creators, and regular users alike.

Instagram never stops to surprise us. Here are the major updates from the Instagram Land you need to know!

Monetization is finally happening on Instagram!

Instagram is all set to launch ‘Instagram Subscriptions’ to let creators and influencers monetize their content and make money.

The subscriptions will be priced at $0.99 per month, however, this is not the final price.

Instagram subscription

In India, the App Store listing for Instagram shows Rs 89 monthly charges for “Instagram Subscriptions”, which as first spotted by Techcrunch, wasn’t there before. Earlier, the App Store listing for Instagram only included badges as in-app purchases starting at Rs 89 to Rs 449.

The feature is expected to be similar to Twitter Blue, meaning followers of influencers and creators will get access to exclusive content by getting subscriptions.

Monetization on Instagram

After 9 years, now you’ll be able to see Instagram link previews on Twitter.

Until now, you could only see the URL on Twitter. Now, on sharing an Instagram link on Twitter, you’ll see a card with a preview of that post. The feature is rolling out on Android, iOS, and the web.

TikTok was the most downloaded non-gaming app in October 2021 across the World.

TikTok overtakes Facebook as World’s Most Downloaded App

It was followed by Instagram having over 56 million installs globally. As TikTok was a band in India, they accounted for the highest number of Instagram downloads with a contribution of 39%.

You must have seen those ‘Add your favorite sunset photo’, ‘Add your account here for people to discover’

add yours features

Well, this is another new Instagram feature. ‘Add Yours’ sticker in Stories let users create public threats on certain topics. It helps in discovering accounts and reaching more people.

Instagram has Combined Feed Videos and IGTVs and brought them under one tab: VIDEOS.

Also, now you can record and post 60 seconds long stories as one, thus, 60 seconds’ stories won’t be broken into segments.

Do you always check lightning and the Internet before IG Live?

IG heard you and launched LIVE PRACTICE MODE, which will allow your guests to join before the scheduled time so you can check things before sessions.

Get notified about Outages!

Yes, IG is now testing in-app notifications so you can get notified about any outages and violations you make if any!

You probably heard this by now:

  1. INSTAGRAM will make the LINK in stories feature available by anyone.
  2. Before, it was just for users with over 10k followers.

But Creators may overuse this feature.

With such a strong new tool, Instagram can become a place where users just promote, instead of mainly creating and inspiring.

And Nobody wants that.

80/20 Rule

Try to add links to your stories one every four /five times. This adds a degree of exclusivity to your promotions. What do you think? * So, you see this feature already??

Instagram’s developing a new option – ‘Montage’ 

new instagram updates 2021

The main purpose of the Montage feature is to help users create reels by combining elements from Instagram stories’ frames.

Instagram subscription coming very soon!!!

Are there any features that you think Instagram needs to UPDATE/ REMOVE now? – Comment below

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