Which is the best top 5 smartphone brands for 2024 in Nepal?

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Which is the best top 5 smartphone brands for 2024 in Nepal?

Here are the Top 5 smartphone brands in Nepal for 2024

If we go back a decade, mobiles used to look like plastic and metal bricks; they also used to function like bricks. All you could do was call, text, and use some basic applications. Even after the technology grew, it was still rather bad compared to modern smartphones. The transfer speed was in bits per second, the internet was bad, and Nokia’s leading mobile brand. Then came Samsung with its innovative touch screen and Galaxy phones. Here we’ll provide some information about the top 5 smartphone brands in Nepal for 2024.

This smartphone brand started the era of smartphones in Nepal. Although Apple’s iPhone was out there, it was far too expensive for Nepali to use. Throughout the years, there have been many brands that have come and gone. Half a decade ago, the top smartphone brands in Nepal would have been Micromax and colors. However, you won’t find a trace of them in modern times. 

So this begs the question; What are the top smartphone brands in 2024? Well, we are here to answer this very question. 

Top 5 Smartphone Brands in 2024

There was once a time in Nepal when the word smartphone was synonymous with Samsung. However, as we mentioned before, the world has come a long way from this age of primitive smartphones. Naturally, with the rise of smartphones, competitors and other smartphone brands came as well. 

So here we have a list of the five best smartphone brands in Nepal as of 2023.

No.SmartphonesMarket Share in Nepal

1. Samsung – Top 5 smartphone brands for 2024

SAMSUNG: Top 5 smartphone brands for 2024

Being once crowned as the king of androids, Samsung brand still reigns supreme in Nepal even to this date. With a total market share of 32.37% in the smartphone business as of 2024, it takes the biggest market and easily is on the top list as one of the Top 5 Best Smartphone Brands in Nepal.

Widely popular for its stable software and durable hardware, the core theme of Samsung smartphones has been stability and longevity. Although it is common to run out of storage space as you install updates, this issue will only occur once you have carried the phone for a few years.

These smartphones run on Android Samsung is the go-to phone brand for those who don’t want to experiment. The biggest perk of Samsung is that you can get Samsung phones for low, mid, and high ranges. 

2. Xiaomi

Top 5 smartphone brands for 2024

Although Xiaomi is not the Top 5 Best Smartphone Brands in Nepal for 2024, it is quite close. With a total market share of 25.69% in Nepal, it can easily take the top spot if Samsung fails a few times, which is not impossible. 

But keeping this aside, Xiaomi, especially Xiaomi Redmi, has become quite popular in Nepal. This smartphone brand is known to provide advanced features for a low price. While Samsung excelled in staying at the top by being a jack of all trades, Xiaomi rose to the top because it became master of one. 

Xiaomi is the choice for everybody who wants advanced features at a low price. With decent durability and powerful software in their phones for even mid-range phones, this phone is made to rule in Nepal. It would not be a surprise if Xiaomi rose to the top in the future as the best smartphone brand in Nepal. 

3. Oppo

Oppo phone in nepal

Gen z is the generation that is obsessed with capturing moments. Oppo takes in this demand and produces phones with ultra-high-quality cameras with decent processors and hardware and packages them at an affordable price. 

Although this brand is nowhere near as popular as Samsung and Xiaomi, it still has a decent 9.48% market presence in Nepal. Is this good for this phone? Definitely yes. This market presence is even higher than the popular iPhones in Nepal. 

Although Oppo doesn’t have low-range phones, it excels at mid and high-range phones. Besides, the core target of this phone is the youths obsessed with images and entertainment. Taking this into context, given a few years, this phone can make more market presence. Although it will be hard to reach the 20s, getting more market share should not be hard for this smartphone brand in Nepal. 

4. Apple

Top 5 smartphone brands for 2024

Finally, in fourth place, we have Apple iPhones. But why is it in fourth place? It is more popular than Oppo, right? When it comes to being the best brands, popularity is not enough to determine the position; you need to consider affordability, utility, and accessibility. 

These are the aspects that Apple fails in the Nepalese context. Sure, iPhones are super popular, but they are way too expensive for average Nepali customers aren’t accessible to a lot of us. 

Despite its drawbacks, Apple does have a 7.44% market share in Nepal as of 2024. Although it is not a lot, this is still a decent amount considering the economic condition of the general Nepali populace. But in all fairness, Apple and iPhones are superb for those who need good security on their phones and need it for professional purposes. You can still play games and use them for entertainment purposes. 

However, Apple is primarily marketed towards business people with one of the top 5 Best Smartphone Brands in Nepal for 2024. 

5. Vivo

Top 5 smartphone brands for 2024

Here is a name that many of you probably didn’t expect on this list. The question is not about why this smartphone is on this list but more about why it is a brand on the fifth. 

This phone has just about everything Xiaomi and Oppo have, i.e. advanced features for an affordable price. That being said, this phone does make some compromises on its features for looks and designs, so it may not be as feature-packed as its two competitors. 

However, with a 6.77% market share in Nepal, this phone is doing a pretty decent job for a relatively new smartphone brand. This brand is perfect for those who want style with sustenance for smartphones. Even better, this phone has low, mid, and high ranges models.

It would not be a surprise with everything if this Vivo rises to the top someday. Like we mentioned before, this phone has everything that top brands like Samsung and Xiaomi have, with looks!

Honorable mention: Huawei

Huawei brand phone in nepal

A few years back, Huawei was one of the top smartphone brands in Nepal. However, due to some controversies back in 2019, this phone has dropped its popularity. Although this phone still has a 4.36% market share in Nepal at this writing, it would not be a surprise if this one disappeared within a few years.

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Which smartphone brand is best in Nepal 2024?

So, now that you know the top smartphone brands in Nepal, you must be curious about which brand is best for mobile in Nepal, right? The simplest answer to this is – it depends on your needs. While this may seem like a cheap way to avoid answering this question, the reality is there is no perfect smartphone brand in the world. 

Each of the brands we mentioned in this list has its pros and cons. Furthermore, these pros and cons depend on each phone model as well. Since we cannot talk about the pros and cons of models, we will briefly talk about the reasons to choose each of these top brands as a whole. 


If you want a durable phone with fairly decent processing power, this is the phone to go. The hardware is quite durable for a smartphone, and the software is decently secure with a moderate amount of updates. However, as you may already know, this phone is not built to perform heavy tasks or play heavy games. While you can do these heavy-duty activities, Samsung phones are not built for that. Rather, they are made for basic tasks and constant use with minimal repairs.


This phone is made for performance. You can even call Xiaomi to fill the gap created by Samsung. Although you are less likely to get long use from Xiaomi phones, they are powerful beasts till they last. You will get a phone at an affordable price where you can game and work on it heavily. Plus, Xiaomi phones are filled with features. 

If you are willing to and can afford to change phones every few years but need a powerful phone for a low price, this is the brand for you. 


As we mentioned, this phone excels at photography and entertainment. Need a high-quality camera but cannot afford an iPhone or a DSLR? Then grab an Oppo and start professional photography. Although this phone excels at photography, it has decent operating software and decently durable hardware. You cannot expect this phone to survive as many falls as Samsung or have features like Xiaomi. But, you can expect this phone to leave them in the dust when it comes to photo quality under the same price range. 


One word to choose Apple for genuine reasons; Security!

Apple has one of the most secure software out there for their Macs or iPhones. This expensive phone comes with built-in security measures that sometimes even annoy regular users, so it is needless to say that ordinary people cannot access your files on iPhone if you don’t want them to. 

iPhones are high-range phones, and many applications are locked behind paywalls, but you do have general ones for free. This brand is not meant for casual users. 


Vivo is the very definition of style with features in smartphones. Admittedly, this phone lacks some advanced features like Xiaomi, does not have the best cameras, and won’t survive as much fall damage as Samsung. However, Vivo phones are quite stylish. Sometimes a phone is not just about getting things to work or communicating; it is about being accepted into a circle and having a distinct personality as well. 

Vivo excels at this without losing any of the core features. So if you are among those people, then this is the best phone brand for you. 


There is no best brand; it is all about which one fulfills the customer demand more. So far, Samsung has managed to be the best smartphone brand in Nepal. This is simply because we want our phones to last long. However, as the demand is changing, it may not deliver our needs in the future, and brands like Xiaomi and Oppo can easily take their place as top ones. 

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