10 HIDDEN WEBSITES I bet you didn’t know existed!

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10 HIDDEN WEBSITES I bet you didn’t know existed!

HIDDEN WEBSITES: Do you really know these 10 Hidden websites ever existed?

To unexpectedly stumble upon Hidden Websites is present you truly wanted. These 10 hidden websites are useful but ever few people are aware of them. This list has 10 Hidden websites that not only made my good list but remained there for various reasons. They are part of my eclectic mix of sites. Most of these hidden sites are free. Most I found by accident rather than someone mentioning them.

Website #1 Archive.org

Web Archive is a non-profit digital library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and many more.

It also provides free public access to the collection of digitized materials that includes games, applications, websites, music, movies, videos, millions of books, and moving images.

web-achieve; hidden website

Web Archive is a free and open Internet.

Website #2 Remove.bg

Remove the background of any images using this site.

Remove.bg is the website that can automatically remove the background of images in just 5 seconds with one click.

Simply you need to select an image and remove the background with just one click.

Hidden Websites: remove background of an images

More importantly, this site is online free!

Website #3 Letsenhance.io

If you to enhance your images without any compromising on quality, Letsenhance.io is the best website.

Letsenhance.io is a free online website that helps to image upscale and enhancement. This can enlarge your images without any quality loss. Enhance image’s colors and resolution, and automatically retouch product photos.

Hidden websites

You can turn your low-resolution images into high resolution.

Website #4 Webpushnotifications.com

Web push notifications are a website that pushes notifications to be delivered on a user’s mobile or desktop anytime they are connected to the internet and browser open. This is quite simple and provides a relevant message, eye-catching image, button with CTA, etc.

It sent the notification to the user’s web browser that is similar to the mobile push notification.

You can make a call to any country for free.

Hidden websites

Website #5 Wetransfer

This wetransfer is the website that helps you to transfer very large files and photos to anyone for free. It is the simplest way to transfer your files around the world.

It gives you to transfer 2GB files or folders safely around the world freely.


More like Wetransfer websites with max upload file size are:

WebsitesMax upload file size
Google Drive15 GB
Dropbox2 TB
One drive2 GB
Mega50 GB
Pcloud10 GB

Website #6 temp-mail.org

This will generate a temporary email for you which you can use to login into any website especially when you don’t want to log in from your email on an unknown website.

temp-mail website

Website #7 Wolframalpha.com

Wolframalpha.com is a computational knowledge Artificial Intelligence engine that can solve nearly any mathematical equation, algebra, and physics. Not only an AI itself, but it may also use many of the same tools to understand the language and variety of questions from users. This was officially launched on May 18, 2009.

Hidden websites

Website #8 donothingfor2minutes.com

Donothingfor2minutes.com is a simple challenge: do nothing for 2 minutes. When you log in to the website then you’ll see the screenshot below where you need to do nothing but look at a photo of the ocean and consider listening to the wave’s sound.

Can you, do it? Some studies show that this helps you to recharge and get back to work, plus you will take 2 minutes of break from the outer world.

Do nothing for 2 minutes websites

Website #9 Accountkiller.com

Why do you need a website and what do you expect from it? Some of you may say “why I need of website since I have Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn pages”. But guess what, neither of them owns by you. Someday those pages blocked you because of the deemed picture you posted then POOF! Your all content will be gone. The goal of the website Accountkiller is to build your email list, sell more, stay top rank on Google through SEO, other what not?

Accountkiller.com is a website that collects direct links and deletes the instructions by making account termination easy. This shows you how exactly to terminate any online accounts (social media account) forever, not just by disable them.

Account killer

Website #10 midomi.com

Midomi helps you to find the name of a song and people. You can use your voice by humming or singing to connect your favorite song to which you do not remember the tune. That is where Midomi can help.


#Bonus Stripcreator.com

Stripcreator website help to make your online comic strips easily. You can choose from dozens of characters, landscapes, & comic strips to construct in single or 2 or 3 frames. You can share and save your free comics with StripCreator.


Disclaimer: Very addictive, indeed!

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