AI in Digital Marketing Is Mandatory! AI in Marketing Examples

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AI in Digital Marketing Is Mandatory! AI in Marketing Examples

Do you even realize how the year-on-year adoption of AI in Digital Marketing has improved drastically? Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest buzzword topics at present, and yet many people are unknown about what it is and how it uses for marketing purposes.

Future of AI in Digital Marketing

“Powerful Technology giants like Google LLC, Inc, Apple Inc,, Facebook, Microsoft, and International Business Machines Corporation, are investing significantly in the research and development of AI to make AI more accessible for enterprise use-cases.”


What is Artificial Marketing (AI)?

Examples of AI in Marketing


“AI can analyze the data more than the human mind could comprehend, quick response to an audience, and using natural language processing (NLP) – better understand the targeted market.”

AI transforms marketing completely and efficiently. For example, a big brand like COCA-COLA has successfully woven AI into its marketing to get closer and create more personalized customer engagement.

AI is a hot topic for now, and everyone has an eye on the latest development because it allows exciting and great opportunities in digital marketing fields. AI is an incredibly powerful technology that assists your brand’s Digital Marketing Strategies by identifying data, trends, audiences, and more.

  • AI and PPC Marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing is one of the developments in Digital Marketing, that allows a business to run ads, increase reach, and generate sales via an ad on various search networks placement. Over the year, AI is a key factor to get the most value from PPC ads, and it will continue this way. Google has improved its machine learning and AI algorithms to use machines in the PPC process. With the help of AI and marketing expert, you can able to collect data which help to improve your PPC efforts and change the way you sell your products or services.

  • AI and SEO

AI has already revolutionized SEO through different digital and software advancements. Yet, SEO software is still learning to surpass the capabilities humans have. AI is capable of communicating at human levels and integrated into learning its algorithms, so it could serve as a digital marketing game-changer.

  • Will AI take over the need for a human to be involved in PPC?

In some cases, PPC requires creativity and human will always outperform robots. Machines are great to figure out correlations with data but you need to emotionally connect with your audience through marketing identity and messages. And that’s what AI can’t do well, at least yet.

  • Future of Digital Marketing with AI

There is no confusion that AI with machine learning will have a significant impact on the future of digital marketing. The development of AI in digital marketing leads to more advancements in developing various marketing strategies. As technology will continue to evolve, marketers and team members will encounter a variety of new opportunities and challenges. It is said that AI will replace marketing professionals but there is still a need for a “human touch”.

You should know that 97% of mobile users use AI-powered voice assistants to get help in search and other tasks for information online. This is because AI has become more accessible to the public which allows improving their daily work and agency work efficiently with the help of analyzing data, predicting digital & economic trends, and enhancing brand quality. Moreover, this allows businesses to achieve goals faster, reach a wider audience and increase productivity in their operations.

After knowing artificial intelligence’s impact on marketing, you need to go through plans while leveraging AI in the marketing process. Marketers and their teams will achieve the most value from their AI investment in the least amount of time and minimize cost. These are some of the ways to use AI to enrich your work.

#1. Better customer relationships and real-time personalization

Today’s customers expect a personalized marketing experience and to even consider buying a product from you, they want to make them feel as you knew them in person. The essential to meet those expectations is to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right moments. And that’s where AI comes in, which helps to deliver personalized messages to customers in the consumer journey. Also, AI helps marketers target customers with collected data that will get them to re-engage with the brand.

#2. Improving depth of marketing data

Incorporate AI help correlate data set and process to obtain deeper insights. It helps marketers to spot and understand anomalies in the market campaign or behavior so that they could tackle the problems before escalate. Getting a deeper understanding of the information help to predict future campaign performance as well.

#3. Improving customer experience

According to Drift, 35% of customers who use a chatbot are happy to resolve a problem or a complaint, and also the same number of customers use it to get detailed answers/explanations. 34% of customers use to connect with the right customer service assistant.

Artificial intelligence in Marketing: Examples, Challenges, & Future of it

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Moreover, 24-hour service, getting an instant response, and voice assistants are the powerful benefits of AI-powered customer service. Chatbots are computer programs that conduct conversations with customers. They use patterns in data to learn and use that information to solve similar problems for customers.


The most immediate challenges marketers and their team members will face using AI & machine learning is- need to adapt quickly to any changes that AI technology bring to the market. In this digital world, AI and machine learning became everyone’s part of life. It is increasingly important for any marketers to make necessary changes to respond to this new technology and tools. When it comes to using AI in marketing, there are many factors to be considered:

  • Customers might doesn’t like non-human interaction
  • Physical staff can be a replacement
  • Increased Quality Assurance Investment
  • Algorithms can fail
  • Data regulations and privacy in different economics
  • Adapting to a Changing Marketing Landscape
AI in Digital Marketing: Examples, Challenges, & Future of it

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace; AI will be here before we know it. So, we must prepare for the potential challenges that we may come across with AI in marketing.

1. Dynamic product recommendations

Amazon using AI to recommend products for users which is the most recognizable example of Artificial intelligence in marketing. AI help amazon to analyze customer past purchase, views history and identify products they are most interested to buy.

Dynamic product recommendations

2. Email Marketing

AI helps marketers become more relevant to their audience, from analyzing customer behavior and interests to segments. This also includes sending time optimization, tailored to a recipient, dynamic email content with product recommendations, and more.

3. Content Marketing

AI helps to improve content for marketers. Marketers use various AI tools to analyze the audience’s intents to identify better topic ideas. For example, SEMrush uses AI to research topics and also suggests many approaches which help the audience to engage.

AI in Digital Marketing: Examples, Challenges, & Future of it

4. Content Analysis and Improvement

Many marketers and writers use various AI-powered solutions to analyze and improve their content. For example, Grammarly uses AI to finds grammar, spelling errors and also recommends for improve the content based on user-defined criteria.

AI in Digital Marketing: Content Analysis and Improvement

5. Marketing Performance Analysis

AI and machine learning with bid data help marketers to do their job from analytics to forecasting, and endless optimization possibilities.

Google Analytics is a critical tool for the success of a business online, it is now the requirement of any Digital marketing job; because of Google Analytics, you can track your marketing is working or if there are technical issues blocking sales.

Marketing job will a lot different in 10 years from now.

6. Dynamic Pricing

Hotels, car rental companies, and other eCommerce stores use AI to monitor buying trends and determine competitive pricing in marketers.

7. Customer Service

Many brands use AI to reduce customer service costs. Some examples of how AI helps customer service are routing support inquiries to relevant agents, augmented messaging, and enhanced phone support.

AI in Digital Marketing

Every marketer and their team members should think about the need of using AI in marketing. AI in marketing can drive you better growth and supercharge impact in your businesses whatever digital customer journey and stage in your marketing evolution you are. In the next 10 years, artificial intelligence and machine learning in marketing will transform in a way far more profound than the previous technological revolutions. And the good news is- there is still a time to get in this game; AI in Marketing.

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