HIGH DEMAND DIGITAL SKILLS 2024: This is what Professionals Do

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HIGH DEMAND DIGITAL SKILLS 2024: This is what Professionals Do

WHO else wants to be successful with high-demand digital skills 2024.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report, it is said that about 50% of employees around the world need to reskill by 2025. With the transformation in the digital field, there is a lot of pressing need for employees to develop and deepen their digital & technical skills to improve work quality, drive creativity, and stay employable. Due to the pandemic, most of traditional workplaces are changed to digital transformation. Technology has entered almost every sector. In 2021, the high demand for digital skills is AI, cloud computing, Project & product management, UI/UX designs, SEO, and others. Even the sectors that use limited tech infrastructure, also now mold their businesses to digital to ensure they stay afloat. Companies are facing a new challenge in the digital-first world, and there are not enough such rightful digital skills people to power their business transformation now and in the future.

“According to the CWJobs reports, Companies need 33% in IT support, 23% in Cybersecurity, 18% in Cloud, 15% in Artificial Intelligence, 15% in Coding & 13% in Data Analytics.”

That means the demand for employees with digital skills is soaring. And here is the list of high-demand digital skills that young adults, & others employees who are engaged in the digital field.

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Digital Project and Product Management
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Coding, Web and App Development
  5. Cloud Computing
  6. SEO/ Data analytics
  7. UX/ UI Design
  8. Digital Marketing

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Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing focuses on increasing conversions, advertising & building brand awareness. Most of the business’s strategy is summed up in one sentence, “Keeping updates the boring post and promotions to your followers across every social media channel.” If so, then you should stop now. Then, what should you be doing?

Focus on a single social network channel. It takes time and effort for building a following, so it’s better to focus on just one social media channel, at least initially. For that, you should choose which one is a suitable and better place for you.

You must find that network where your target audience hangs out. For instance, some hang out on Facebook or Instagram, and some on Twitter or TikTok. If you are a food and travel blogger then Pinterest would be a good option for you. For entertainment or learning purposes, people tend to go on YouTube. Facebook and Instagram are different, people don’t go there to see 30-minute tutorials that pop up in their newsfeeds. They used it for interesting, funny content and hanging out with friends. Twitter, on the other, is about communicating efficiently and not overwhelming people. Quora is also one of the good options if you’re a blogger.

Businesses and companies are always had a direct and indirect impact on revenue. Hence, it is important that digital skills & competencies are needed to drive marketing in the future.

Digital Project and Product Management

Digital project managers need to have complete knowledge of how digital projects are developed from ideation – to prototype – fully developed digital services and products. Project and product management is a vital part of developing digital services and products in timely and effective cost ways. Knowledge of AGILE and SCRUM methodologies will stand out on any CV.

The growth of software as a service will make product management more integral to the technology sectors. Digital Project Manager includes:

  • Assignment of tasks, & appointments.
  • To create and communicate a project plan, schedule, & budget.
  • To plan the internal and external resources.
  • Provisions of status reports.
  • To obtain the information about the running project.
  • Contribution to customers’ suggestions and offers.
  • Documentation of all project results and events.
  • Evaluation of project success.

Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning

High demand Digital Skills 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest buzzword topics at present, and yet many people are unknown of what it is and how it uses for marketing purposes.

According to the Business insider’s Report, around half of the marketers use some form of artificial intelligence tools in their everyday tasks. For example, some marketers use the power of AI with email marketing tools like MailChimp, which is also trusted by Coca-Cola and LinkedIn, too. And some use AI with social media marketing tools like Hootsuite to schedule Facebook posts, tweets, and shares for maximum engagement. SEO is important for every successful website which makes AI search marketing tools a must-have for any marketers. MarketBrew AI software is a must-have SEO platform for diminishing the time spent analyzing results and problems.

The WHO declared the novel virus outbreak called, COVID-19 as a pandemic causing a massive impact on humankind and their businesses. This pandemic is expected to stimulate the growth of marketing of our next generation via tech giants, including Artificial Intelligence, owing humans to the mandated work-from-home policy. For instance, the AI-enabled Chatbot which is launched by Google LLC responds to the issues of the customers. And, this might experience great to massive customers in the COVID-19 outbreak to respond to the issues over chat, voice, and other social media sources.

To know more about “How AI is used in Marketing

Coding, Web, and App Development

The heart of any digital service and technical product is coding. The core languages of programming and web & app development include PHP/JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, MySQL, Python, Code Igniter, and Angular. These are the top 10-demand digital skills 2023 by employees on LinkedIn.

The future of our story is written in the lines of code. The demand for programming has been unbroken for years and it will continue.  So, to stay relevant in this ever-evolving world, learning a new programming language is critical.

Cloud Computing

High demand Digital Skills 2023

Cloud computing allows users to access all the files and features of the system without having to keep the bulk of that system on their computers or devices. It is useful and more valuable for businesses that needed to access a large amount of data over a secure online network connection. It gives the flexibility of connecting to your business at any time anywhere. Even most people already use cloud computing services without realizing it. Google Drive, Slack, Google Photos, Gmail, and even Facebook, and Instagram are cloud-based applications.

Increased adoption of cloud computing in businesses, there will be massive demand for cloud computing professionals now and in the future. AWS and Microsoft Azura, Amazon, and IBM cloud are changing the cloud computing landscape and are targeted toward unique business operations and their needs.

cloud computing examples

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SEO/ Data Analytics

SEO aims for improving your website to the top ranks in search engine results. The more keywords and phrases related to your business rank, the higher your rank on the search engine results. Many people will become familiar with and see your website and business then after. SEO helps to redirect more traffic to your website from the audiences you target. That’s why SEO is a very effective strategy, with this you can attract more potential clients and earn more revenue, of course.

There has been exponential growth over the years that led to the adoption of analytics tools. Many businesses and companies are analyzing data to make complex decisions, and also gain customer confidence. Due to the slowdown in the job market during this pandemic, data analytics professionals demand becoming high demand Digital Skills 2023.

SEO High demand Digital Skills 2023


User experience is more important than ever, and users’ attention spans continue to decline. Currently, UX/UI is not just about the visually appealing user interface and proven navigation. It has now become a creative-analytical role that depends more on data than mere intuition.

UX designers need to think about buyers’ journeys of modern customers spanning multiple platforms. So, it is important to deliver a consistent customer experience across multiple platforms to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

UX/UI design has gained importance with the focus shifting to user experience. In this current situation, businesses need to adjust to the new normal and there will be a growth of apps. There will be high demand for improved UI/UX design in the future.

High demand Digital Skills 2023

Digital Marketing

Business-related activities always have a direct or indirect impact on revenue, the digital network which includes marketing. Digital Marketing is essential for any business in today’s online world. It is one of the best High demand Digital Skills 2023 to grow your business from scratch.

As you see, competition is in every field more than ever in the advancing digital world. Every size and shape of company and business is competing with one another to have their voice heard. Marketing in other words means spending money or dollars. However, today, marketing is complicated and there are many competitors. Also, you can apply digital skills to build a good personal online brand.

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