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How to Grow your Followers in SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT? QR codes all in one

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How to Grow your Followers in SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT? QR codes all in one

Generate QR codes all in one in 1 min. Create your own QR code and boost your business or idea.

QR Code for all social media is a QR Code that displays all your social media accounts on one mobile-optimized landing page. Also known as Social Media QR Code, you can use it to promote your social media profiles on any print media.

Before the existence of this type of QR Code, individual Codes were created to bring target audiences to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This resulted in three different Codes on the same print material, which makes it look unattractive. Plus, a Code reader can only detect one QR Code at a time, rendering them useless. With Social Media Code, you can just simply scan one Code for all social media profiles.

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5 Ways QR Codes Boost Social Media Marketing

Adding QR codes to your company’s social media strategy will help achieve better communication, increase sales, turn leads into customers, give one-dimensional advertising a virtual twist, get brand names out there to a new audience and turn them into leads, and many more creative strategies and outcomes that can be upgraded as moments, campaigns, and priorities as a company, change. 

  1. Promote brand awareness and recognition with QR codes linked to social media profiles
  2. Increase social media engagement with codes, resulting in better market knowledge
  3. Scale your social media campaigns with code dashboard analytics
  4. Upgrade social media campaigns with codes for promotions, contests, and giveaways
  5. Boost sales with codes and social media profiles

How to create a QR code?

QR codes are the way to go to create a link between real-world products (tagged with the code) and the Internet. Mobile, anywhere, anytime. Because scan codes make it so easy to transfer a web link to a mobile phone, they provide a significantly lower barrier to visiting a site with a smartphone. But you can also work with other texts and data, such as advertising messages, telephone numbers, and even entire business cards in vCard format. Just encode them with our QR code generator to easily transfer the data to mobile devices.

A QR code generator is software that stores data into a QR code (for example a text or a website address). E.g., this can be easily done with our online QR generator goQR.me: just create a code by typing in your data and download it as a high-resolution PNG or vector graphic (SVG, EPS). Now you may print your free code or embed it on your website to make it available to others.

  1. Set QR Content. Select a content type at the top for your QR code (URL, Text, Email…). …
  2. Customize Design. Do you want your code to look unique? …
  3. Generate QR Code. Set the pixel resolution of your code with the slider. …
  4. Download Image.
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How to generate QR code for all social media in less than a min (free)


5 Genius Examples of QR Codes in Marketing

how to make a qr code

Quick Response codes remain a creative way to drive traffic and connect with your audience. But are they still useful in today’s digital marketing era? Or have they gone the way of flip phones and pagers?

As it turns out, QR codes are still a valuable tool for marketers. In fact, QR usage grew 28% from 2018 to 2019.

  1. Direct clients to your resume, LinkedIn profile, or website.
  2. Use a code in a direct mail piece, business card, or postcard to provide a discount.
  3. Give customers an inside look at your new Facebook promotion.
  4. Share a digital menu for your restaurant, food truck, or catering company.
  5. Take them to a page with more detailed information that wouldn’t easily fit in a print ad, such as a product sheet or pricing list.
  6. Deliver step-by-step instructional videos or a printable setup sheet.
  7. Have the code send a tweet when scanned, or check in with Foursquare
  8. Have the code send a tweet when scanned, or check in with Foursquare
  9. Let them enroll in an event such as a webinar.
  10. Use the code to let customers send themselves a reminder via SMS.
  11. Link them to a special “exclusive” YouTube video.

Simple to use QR code generator with an organized and editable platform will help you achieve your social media marketing goals in just a few minutes. Sign up now to add QR codes to your campaign to help you gain followers for two-way communication in the long term.

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