How to Sell a Product in Nepal? Bhatbhateni's Most Epic Strategy

How to Sell a Product in Nepal? Bhatbhateni’s Most Epic Strategy

2 years ago -

How to Sell a Product in Nepal? Bhatbhateni’s Most Epic Strategy

Do you find it difficult to sell products or services? Does your potential customer simply ignore you once you offer them your product? If so, then you should read this article to learn the best and most epic Marketing strategy, “How to sell a product in Nepal?”.

Sell the Solution, Not the Product

how to sell a product

There are goods and services all around us. If we look at successful companies, we can see that their products address a problem that consumers face on a daily basis.

The dine-out dilemma is fixed with Foodmandu.

The issue of transportation is resolved by Pathao.

The issue with payments is fixed by Esewa

They are prosperous because of a product that provides a solution. There wouldn’t be any products on the market if there were no issues. Even we only purchase goods that help us achieve our goals and address our problems.

Let’s say that back then, the main problem was transportation. Taxis used to be quite expensive, and public transportation used to be jam-packed.

It would be challenging for you to travel if you don’t own a car.

Pathao focused on this issue and developed a solution to give us access to a transportation service that is simple, dependable, and reasonably priced. We all utilize Pathao most of the time as a result. Patho concentrated on developing a product that provides its clients with the maximum possible satisfaction.

Now, let’s get back to the question that I asked earlier “How to sell a product in Nepal”.

Why are you struggling to sell your product or service? 

Most companies struggle to sell their products, not because of lack of marketing. However, there is a lack of demand for products and low-quality products. Companies do little research on the market. What are the problems, what people want, what makes them reach their desired state, what went wrong in solving their problems, and so on? 

What they do is create a product on the assumption that it will definitely work in the market and people will buy it right away. Then they hire some marketers to help sell their products. After all, no one buys this product because there is no demand or the quality is so low that no one wants to buy it even if it is in demand. This is the main reason people struggle to sell their products. It’s not the marketing, but the product that doesn’t solve the problem.

This is because we focus on money, so we created our products without doing proper market and audience research, and we traded with companies that no one wanted. And we expect us to market and sell their products. You need to understand




 Everyone focuses on good marketing, but to expect sales, the product needs to be good to solve market problems. You’ve probably heard of my Digital Marketing Strategies. Mysticrubs provides various strategies to solve the problems people are facing and are constantly working to put them in the desired state. From my personal experiences, for digital marketing companies, I’m learning new technologies and tools every day that help companies get more sales from their products. Therefore, if you are also struggling to sell a product or service, go back a bit and work on creating a better problem-solving product. It’s not marketing that affects your sales. It is a product that does not solve the problem or maybe a low-quality product.

The focus is on building high-quality products that act like fine wines that will grow stronger over the long term.

Bhatbhateni Marketing Strategies 2022

Over the past years of time, Bhatbhateni has established 15 outlets which even their competitors have not dreamed of. Today, BhatBhateni is Nepal’s leading supermarket and departmental store chain, spread out in Kathmandu the capital city and economic hub, and in all major cities around the country. BhatBhatenis one of Nepal’s most trusted brands and sees a daily footfall of over 100,000 patrons.

Profit maximization can be done through increase in sales with lesser cost

How to sell a Product: Marketing Mix

Marketing mix and strategy have been a major concern for every organization these days. BBSM is one of the leading retail stores and it focuses on gaining a number of customers. The main goal of this organization is to minimize cost and maximize profit along with considering the customer satisfaction

Marketing mix

Marketing Mix of Bhatbhateni

  1. Products
FormalInternational FoodsCreams
Denim & T-ShirtsSpicesShampoos
Fabric & Cut pieceTea & CoffeeLiquid wash
Dress MaterialsUtensilsSoaps
SareesHome cleanersDeodorants
Casual WearReady to eat
Ethnic WearReady to cook
Party Wears
Under Garments
Night wears
  1. Pricing:
  1. Place

Always focus to located in the heart of the city which is easily accessible and has parking facilities without traffic disturbance.

  1. Promotion
  • Below the Line Promotion

Coupon, discount, more of the product at normal price, gift with purchase, competition, and prizes, money back offer exchange offer, special occasion, Club Card, and interactive games to win products.

Cash Back
Money back offer with exchange Points
  • Above-the-line Promotion

Giving advertisements in newspapers, TV., Digital marketing

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