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How to Write Perfect Content? | Tips Must Consider

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How to Write Perfect Content? | Tips Must Consider

Things Must consider while writing the Perfect Content:

1. The Headline must be creative and magnetic. It should draw the reader’s attention at first sight & prompt them to read.
How to Write Perfect Content?
2. 5-10 words of headline can’t squeeze everything about your content. The headline may catch the attention of your header, but interest is generated with your sub-headers. (sub-headers explain in short what your content is about).
How to Write Perfect Content?

3. Use simple words to explain your content.

4. Make your blog post more easily understandable by using numbered lists or bullet points. It helps people find information without much effort.
5. Divide the mass of words into smaller chunks of information by using punctuation.
6. Use font type:
  • Times new roman
  • Monotype cors
  • Others
7. Use big blog font size: heading 22, body 14/18.
8. Highlight some important sentences in the content that will put extra emphasis on things you want to stick out in your reader’s minds.
9. When you’re quoting the author verbatim, use words/phrases such as “stated”, “mentioned that”, “in the words of”, so that you just need to indicate that you are using the author’s exact words. Additionally, you should cite the source.
10. You can use italics in some sentences like a question, but do not overdo it.
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