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Why RAPE is increasing in Nepal?

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Why RAPE is increasing in Nepal?

Violence, abuse, and trafficking against women are increasing day by day. The main topic right now going on is, “Why Rape is increasing?”. Nepal is a small country situated in between two large countries that are India and China. Nepal is a multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religion, and multi-language, and biodiversity country. There are 125 caste and 118 languages.

Political instability in the country is a challenge. Nepal is also thought to have contributed to gender-based violence against women and girls through Rape, girl trafficking, sexual slavery, and economic hardship. The maltreatment of ladies is established in a culture of separation that denies ladies equivalent status to men. Social, Political, and strict standards recognize ladies as the property of men. Their monetary reliance, subordinate, social position, and an absence of lawful help render them to proceed with misuse.

Why RAPE is increasing in Nepal?

Violence against women is increasing day by day, especially in crimes of rape. Girls are the main victims of rape. The reported cases of rapes are by their own father, grandfathers, uncles, friends, and neighbors. In the case of violence, women themselves become the target for the fact she is a girl, and she must be guilty. 

Patriarchy begins with the family. Violence against women can be addressed in our society by raising awareness of gender equality. To address that within the family, effort, and opportunities in regard to education, health, and finances between males/females should be provided equally.

There are different laws, policies, and commitments of the government. However, the challenge is with the implementation. The government should introduce comprehensive legislation and enforce the law in areas of Rape, dowry, domestic violence against women, and human trafficking. Prolonged political transition is the main reason behind increasing cases of violence, especially in Nepal. The obstacles of implementing new laws, lack of effective investigation, political intervention, and lengthy legal process are the main challenges in guarantying justice to the victims. Especially, rural women and girls are most vulnerable to violence. 

Rape is a sensitive topic. It is basically intimidation of men to keep all women in a state of fear. Rape, as well as sexual violence against women, makes media headline. There are advocacy and activism for girl’s/women’s rights and on the other hand, we see rape and sexual harassment cases. This is a shock in Nepalese society.

Women right activist and students usually gather to discuss the issues of rape. The Rapist seeks an appropriate chance to rape. Survivors are forced to live with rage and pain along with post-rape trauma. Women should become powerful so that they save themselves from sexual violence. There are some cases that are hiding with suppression. And some cases are being forced to silence themselves because of shame and fear of society. There are some who can’t speak up because of poverty and economic dependency on men.

Nepal has made different kinds of national and international legal commitments to ending gender-based violence and inequality. But every time has failed to implement it. The Nepalese legal system is not the victim’s friendly. Hence, it is largely ineffective.

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