eSewa Money Transfer: Connect Nepali Migrant to Their Families

eSewa Money Transfer: Connecting Nepali Migrant Workers to Their Families

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eSewa Money Transfer: Connecting Nepali Migrant Workers to Their Families

Bringing People Closer: The Role of eSewa Money Transfer in Connecting Nepali Migrant Workers to Their Families. Remittance is an essential aspect of the Nepalese economy, contributing significantly to the country’s GDP. The majority of remittances are sent by Nepali migrants who work abroad in many different nations. The money sent by these migrant workers to their families in Nepal helps them meet their basic needs and raise their standard of living.

Moreover, remittances are essential for lowering poverty and increasing access to healthcare and education services in the nation. Nepal is a country where migration is a common practice, and a significant number of Nepali who work in foreign countries, primarily in the Gulf region. The money they earn through their hard work abroad plays a vital role in supporting their families & contributing to the country’s economy. However, sending money back home can be a challenging task for them.

Traditional methods of remittance are often slow, costly, and prone to errors. In addition to this, traditional remittance methods have several drawbacks, including high transaction fees and lengthy processing times. It takes several days to weeks, causing inconvenience and delay for both the sender and the recipient. The sender and receiver may not know the exact exchange rate used or the fees charged by intermediaries involved in the transaction.

That’s where eSewa Money Transfer comes in. It is a leading remittance company in Nepal that facilitates the process of remittance transfer from different parts of the world to Nepal. eSewa enables Nepali migrant workers to send money back home to their families through its convenient and secure digital platform. It also provides a low-cost and efficient alternative to traditional remittance channels.

What is Digital Remittance?

Digital remittance is the practice of transferring funds from one location to another by using digital devices without the need for physical cash transfers. This method of remittance has gained popularity in recent years due to its convenience, speed, and cost-effectiveness. Digital remittance providers use online platforms and mobile applications to facilitate transactions, allowing users to send and receive money instantly from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, digital remittance services often charge lower fees than traditional remittance methods, making it a more affordable option for people sending small amounts of money. Digital remittance has the potential to transform the remittance industry by providing a more efficient and accessible way for people to send and receive money globally.

In the context of Nepal, eSewa Money Transfer is actively promoting digital remittance in Nepal. Additionally, it has also run different campaigns to promote digital remittance in the country. Besides, it has also organized several digital literacy programs to promote digital transactions in the country. In this article, we will discuss the role of eSewa Money Transfer in connecting Nepali migrant workers to their families.

  • Affordable and Convenient Platform

eSewa Money Transfer, a digital remittance company in Nepal has introduced a formal channel for sending and receiving money. The introduction of the formal channel eliminates the risk of illegal transfers. In addition to this, it has also provided an affordable and convenient platform for Nepali migrant workers to send money back home to their families easily. It offers competitive exchange rates, low fees, and fast transfer.

This feature makes eSewa Money Transfer an ideal choice for migrant workers to send money to Nepal. Additionally, the receiver can get the money in real time. Thus, it will be very useful to the receiver who is seeking urgent funds.

  • Wide Range of Transfer Options

eSewa Money Transfer offers three ways of receiving funds including cash pickup, bank transfer, and eSewa wallet deposit. Besides, it has partnered with leading global money transfer companies which enable users to transfer money from anywhere around the world. While sending money through the traditional remittance process, there are certain limitations in a transaction. With eSewa Money Transfer, there is no limitation in transactions even while sending to the eSewa digital wallet.

  • Empowering Nepali Families

eSewa play a vital role in connecting Nepali migrant workers to their families and extends beyond just facilitating remittance. The platform is also committed to empowering Nepali families by providing them with access to financial services.

For example, eSewa Money Transfer promotes its user to open digital wallets, which can be used to make online purchases, pay bills, and transfer money. Likewise, it enables customers to convert cash transfers to bank or wallet deposits through agents. It also conducts

Which Type of Money Transfer Is Best?

As mentioned earlier, eSewa Money Transfer is a leading remittance company in Nepal. The remittance company offers money transfers in three ways. It allows the sender to send money via cash pick, bank transfer, and wallet deposit. The best type of money transfer largely depends on your specific needs and circumstances. If you need to send money quickly then sending money via bank transfer or wallet deposit can be a better option. The receiver will get the money in real-time if the sender chooses the digital method of transferring money. 

Apart from the bank transfer and wallet deposit, the sender can also choose a cash pickup option. While using this money transfer method, the receiver has to visit the nearest eSewa money transfer agent to collect the money. Thus, the cash pickup method is a time-consuming process as you have to visit the money transfer agent for receiving money. Therefore, transferring money through digital platforms like bank transfers or wallet deposits will be best. 

How to Transfer Money Using eSewa?

eSewa Money Transfer, a digital remittance company in Nepal has collaborated with major international money transfer companies including WorldRemit, Remitly, Moneygram, Wirebarley, Ria Money Transfer, etc. By tying up with these international companies, eSewa has introduced a formal channel for sending and receiving remittances, which eliminates the risk of illegal transfers.

  • The sender will choose their reliable money transfer partner.
  • Afterward, the sender can either visit the location or sign up through an online process where they will enter the details of the receiver.
  • The receiver will then get a notification about the payment and can either receive the money via cash pickup or bank transfer.  

How to Send Money to Nepal from Australia?

How to Send Money to Nepal from Australia?

To send money to Nepal from Australia, follow these steps:

  • Choose a reliable money transfer service provider that offers services to Nepal from Australia.
  • Create an account with the chosen money transfer service provider.
  • Provide the required information such as your name, contact details, and identification documents.
  • Enter the recipient’s details including their name, address, and bank account information.
  • Choose the amount you wish to send and select the currency.
  • Review the exchange rate and fees.
  • Confirm the transaction and pay the fees.

Once the transfer is complete, the recipient in Nepal will receive the money in their bank account or through a cash pick-up service depending on the chosen money transfer service provider. It’s important to ensure that the recipient’s details are accurate to avoid any issues or delays in the transfer process.

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