Which Online Payment Gateway is most popular in Nepal?

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Which Online Payment Gateway is most popular in Nepal?

Online Payments Gateway are rising as growing global appears to grapple with quite a few legal guidelines and limits imposed via way of means of the primary financial institution (Nepal Rastra Bank). Moreover, there also are numerous hurdles for the price processing in Nepal due to the fact there are nonetheless folks that now no longer have to get admission to banks.

Online Payment Methods are one of the best systems for conducting financial transactions over the Internet. Many people viewed financial transactions because of their simplicity and flexibility when making payments. Now we can even carry out all domestic and international payments over the Internet. This is one of our most important achievements.

Nepal has a lot to offer in terms of sending and receiving money online, buying airline tickets, paying utility bills, buying mobile phone top-up cards, school bills, college bills, and internet bills. , There are also many online businesses that help you subscribe to newspapers and magazines online. . You will need a debit or credit card to do this.

Payment Gateway in Nepal

The online payment gateway allows customers to make direct financial payments using the internet`s credit card, often used as a retail service, a website design firm implements the payment gateway for e-commerce websites that want sales to increase. Although it is also regarded as an e-commerce program, many businesses such as service providers use an online payment portal to allow fast and secure payment for their services.

Online payment gateway, the future of payments makes credit or debit card transactions also in some gateways. When we enter a more technical environment more and more customers just don`t have time for basic payments to visit retail shops or businesses. Customers and service consumers can easily make financial transactions from anywhere using their credit or debit card and the online payment gateway installed on the merchant`s website or e-commerce website by using an online payment gateway on your merchant website. Several website design firms are focusing on building secure payment gateways, and more and more retailers are turning to e-commerce businesses.

List of Online Payments Methods in Nepal

  1. eSewa- Mobile Wallet (Nepal)
  2. Khalti Digital Wallet Nepal
  3. IME Pay Mobile Digital Wallet
  4. Prabhupay
  5. iPayNepal
  6. SCT MoCo
  7. UnelmaPay (or UPay)
  8. Namaste Pay
  9. connectIPS (NCHL, Nepal)
  10. ePay

eSewa- Mobile Wallet (Nepal)

esewa payment gateway in nepal

App Downloads: 5M+

eSewa is the first online payment gateway in Nepal, also known as a digital payment portal. It is the largest famous and lots of humans have heard approximately them advanced via way of means of F1Soft. However, you can pay for many merchants and stores such as bhatbhatenionline.com, giftmandu.com, harilo.com, Yeti Airlines, Buddha Air and QFX Cinema. They have partnered with about 15 state-run Nepalese banks to offer their eSewa service online.

eSewa is developed by F1Soft Company and validated by VeriSign certification services. You must be 16 years of age or older to use this service. Likewise, you will not be charged for any payments made to merchants. However, to transfer money to another bank, you have to pay a minimum amount as per eSewa’s policy.

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Khalti Digital Wallet Nepal

Khalti payment gateway in nepal

App Downloads: 1M+

Khalti is one of the most popular and fastest growing payment gateways in Nepal for mobile recharge, top-ups & data packs, electricity, water, and landline bill payments, along with DTH & ISP recharge to avail maximum cashback and offers. It is slowly growing in recognition due to recognition contests. They offer payment options and money transfer services for a variety of services. You can pay utility bills, top up mobile phones, pay DTH and Internet bills, book airline and movie tickets, book hotels, make online payments on e-commerce websites, and more.

Khalti also has a QR-based “scan & pay”. System introduction. This feature allows you to pay in stores. You can deposit money into Khalti via web and mobile banking, debit/credit cards, Khalti banknotes, and kiosk machines. You can also request funds from friends and relatives.

IME Pay Mobile Digital Wallet


App Downloads: 1M+

Since 2017, IME Pay has been the app for fast, safe, secure payments between friends. IME Pay offers a wide range of payment services and a convenient ways to transfer money inside the country from wallet to wallet, pay utility bills and make purchases online or offline instantly with just a few easy clicks. 

Licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) and powered by IME Remit, IME Pay is now a leading payment gateway in Nepal.

PrabhuPAY – Mobile Wallet

payment gateway in nepal

App Downloads: 500k+

Prabhupay is also one of the newest digital wallet payment gateway in Nepal owned by Prabhu Group. PrabhuPay has its own bank and you can transfer funds to your wallet from 20 different banks. The best part is that funds can be moved from any platform in his PrabhuPay ecosystem to another. Mobile phone top-ups, electricity, water, internet bill payments, travel/movie tickets, etc. can all be done with the PrabhuPay wallet.

PrabhuPay says it has multiple layers of security to make payments safe. Multiple types of debit/credit cards can be added to the app by simply registering with the app. Also, if you spend Rs 100 on bill payment, you will get 1 bonus point. The survival of the fittest theory is coming soon as many digital payment providers are already active in the market.

iPay Nepal


App Downloads: 10k+

iPay is a dedicated online shopping service in Nepal provided by muncha.com Merchandise. Muncha.com acts as an intermediary between online shopping buyers and sellers. Both Android and iOS apps are available. All you have to do is open an account on the app and deposit money into your account.

However, currently, you can only load accounts from the Internet. This balance can be used to pay the contracted merchants on the same day. Two levels of security are maintained for transactions that require transaction password entry. Despite being launched a long time ago, it failed to attract more users. The reason is that he only has five partner banks, which limits mobile charges, airline tickets, utility bill payments, and other services.

Get 10% BONUS and 2% CASH BACK on above 100 NPR top-up on NTC Prepaid/CDMA with ipay


sct moco

App Downloads: 10k+

SCT MoCo is the subsidiary company under SCT. SCT is the smart choice technology established in 2001, providing ATM services. It is one of the most popular companies in those days. Later, they got a license from Nepal Rastra Bank as the service provider for the online payment gateway in Nepal.

Getting started with MOCO is easy, simply add your Visa card and you are ready to go. MOCO has partnered with the leading banks and card networks in Nepal to bring to you Quick, Convenient and Secure Payments.

UnelmaPay (or UPay)


App Downloads: 10k+

UPay (UnelmaPay.com) is a mobile digital wallet that allows users to make online payments comfortable and convenient. Users of the UPay app can transfer funds from wallet to wallet. UPay (UnelmaPay.com) is not just a digital wallet; it is an entire payment ecosystem that allows users of UnelmaPay to send or receive funds from UnelmaPay friends, accepting payments through major third-party payment gateways.

connectIPS (NCHL, Nepal)

payment gateway in nepal

App Downloads: 500k+

Connect IPS is a single payments gateway in Nepal that allows the customers to link their bank account(s) to enable payment processor, fund transfer and creditors.

Connect IPS is an extended product of Nepal Clearing House to support citizen-to-government (C2G), customer-to-business (C2B), and peer-to-peer (P2P) payment transactions directly from/to the bank accounts


payment gateway in nepal

App Downloads: 10k+

 ePay is the first company in Nepal to introduce E-payment System for which no bank account is needed and only the money that stays in your pocket is enough for making any kind of payment you want at the point which is on your easy access. 

Namaste Pay

payment gateway in nepal

App Downloads: 100k+

Namaste Pay is a new mobile wallet in Nepal brought by the Nepal Digital Payments Company (NDPC). NDPC is a joint endeavor between Nepal Telecom and Rashtriya Banijya Bank, the leading public enterprises of Nepal in the telecom and banking sectors respectively.

The Namaste Pay wallet service shall work over various channels including smartphone applications, USSD and the web portal. Initially, the wallet shall provide cash-in, cash-out, peer-to-peer transfers and a few utilities including telecom recharge, electricity bill payment, and water bill payment.


GMEPay, CGPay, Moru, QPay, EnetPay, PayTime, SmartCard and dozen others can be in the registration queue in NRB.
And, Of course, there may be many other Online Payment Gateways that are only an effective signal good for a small country like Nepal.

Does Nepal have any Payment Gateway like PayPal?

There are methods to do online commercial enterprise in Nepal with eSewa, that is getting true transaction nowadays in neighborhood commercial enterprise internal Nepal and also (India) i think, however, to save out of doors of Nepal specifically withinside the USA you may want a greenback account, which the State financial institution of Nepal (Nepal Rastriya financial institution ) does now no longer permit Nepalese to hold the US $ or different currencies while not having a passport with visa to tour overseas. But there are nonetheless methods to open a Paypal account whilst you’re in Nepal:

  • Contact a totally trustful own circle of relatives individual or a relative staying overseas and ask them their Address and get in touch with quantity and use the statistics details
  • Have a debit or credit score card which matches the world over (Not most effective in Nepal and India, however, the world over and connected to a greenback account)
  • Use Paypal with US deal with to open Paypal and use with IP deal with of the USA with a digital financial institution account quantity.

This first component is pretty now no longer smooth for everyone, all of us don`t have our own circle of relatives and loved ones overseas to apply their Name, and Address and get in touch with quantity to open a Paypal account. If you’ve got any person then u can open a Paypal account.

Is PayPal illegal in Nepal?

In Nepal, the Central Bank (Nepal Rastra Bank) prohibits Nepali citizens without foreign visas from purchasing international credit or debit cards and prohibits banks from conducting international transactions. PayPal cannot be used to receive funds from accounts of Nepalese residents unless any Nepalese have a PayPal account.

Is PayPal available in Nepal?

No. There is no PayPal account in Nepal. Due to Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) policy, foreign currency cannot be used for currency transactions.

Which is the no. 1 online payment app?

Nepal has much online payment gateway including eSewa. eSewa is Nepal’s first online payment system, also known as an online payment app. It is the largest famous and lots of humans have heard approximately them advanced via way of means of F1Soft.

How can I receive an international money transfer in Nepal?

Using USD (United States Dollar) cards is the only payment method for international transactions in Nepal. Payment can be made by American Express, Visa or Master Card. These cards are required for international payment gateways such as PayPal and Payoneer.

Which banks allow international money transfers in Nepal?

Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has approved the use of dollar cards for international payments. Customers of commercial banks in Nepal can now purchase dollar prepaid cards. Read the information to find out how to get a dollar card from a bank in Nepal. Dollar cards were originally marketed by Nabil Bank and NMB Bank.

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