Finally Recovered back to Normal after COVID-19: My symptoms and experiences

3 years ago -

Finally Recovered back to Normal after COVID-19: My symptoms and experiences

The majority of people have tried their best to prevent themselves from becoming infected with COVID-19, also there are unfortunate people who have been infected, among them some lost their lives and some able to recovered. But in the end, we can only wish good luck and keep ourselves safe until this illness (virus) disappeared. Due to the pandemic, many have experienced social anxiety, mental health, trauma, social violence in their life. As governments of many countries make cautious moves towards lifting these virus restrictions, it’s time now to start thinking about life beyond lockdown. But we still think that things go back to normal which might not be all smooth sailing as we dream.

One month ago, I’ve been just waiting…. and waiting… and waiting for a magical happen in my life when I could return back to normal life. Because I was struggling for my life due to corona positive.

I still don’t know how does it start, how I get infected? Due to lockdown, I along with my family have been locked inside the house. So, I barely left the house to get essentials and have not seen anyone in person other than my family members. It all started having headaches, but I completely ignore it because I am already a migraine patient and I assume that something triggers so I might get a migraine again. But after a couple of days, my headache didn’t stop even, I take a painkiller for it. Then it worries me. Normally migraine lasted for several hours.

In the beginning, I underestimated it and maybe it’s just a migraine headache. But after few days, I started having strong pain lower abdomen, then my back, hand, legs, and whole-body started suffering in pain. I could barely move and wake up myself. My husband used to massage my back and belly, hoping I may get some relief from suffering. Then I developed a fever. It was not very high, about 100.04°F but as per the guidelines from Dr. Kamal Raj Thapa (brother-in-law), I requested a swap to check if I had contracted the COVID-19 virus.

Until that day I started having vomiting and loose motion four or five times a day. If I consume anything I through it all. But I tried so hard to take food no matter what. Suddenly I lost my taste. I started to cough; I lost my sense of smell. I didn’t sleep for a week. It’s difficult to breathe. Nightmares and only negativity come to my mind. I felt I’m losing my strength and power.   I was very afraid that time, and I didn’t know what to expect.

This virus comes silently for days and then suddenly burst. There were some hours where I was within a whisper in a very dark place, and even though maybe I won’t going to see another morning. 

From these experiences, I realized that this virus may also cause us psychologically. Still, I remember those days it brings me goosebumps on my body. It was really terrifying period in my life. In the end, my family and I managed to overcome this virus. The symptoms disappeared, but psychologically, I had suffered a lot. Though these days were very difficult for us, I fight back and came back alive. I am really grateful for that. I’m really grateful to my family and friends for everything. I’m really sorry to anyone who loses their family, friends, relatives due to this virus.

Please stay safe! Show some care around!!

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