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How to calculate the total cost for Hosting and Domain 2022?

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Calculate the hosting price 2022

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It’s crucial to know how much you can expect to pay upfront before purchasing a web hosting service. With the proper research, you can choose a plan that suits the needs of your website without having to go over your budget.

  • Which type of hosting do you need
  • How much this type of hosting will cost 
  • Which are the cheapest providers 

The cost of hosting and buying a domain for a website depends on several factors. However, the following elements can usually determine the total expenses:

Domain Name Registration

Typically costs $10 to $15 per year

When you run a website, you need a domain name. This is the web address that you put on your business cards, shopping bags, and other company marketing materials. Most people opt for a .com domain name, but you can also choose from .NET, .biz, or country-specific suffixes such as .ca or .us.

Domain name registration has some extra fees of its own, such as privacy protection, which keeps your name and address out of public WHOIS listings.

It’s also worth pointing out that keeping your domain name registration with your web hosting provider is not always the best choice. If you should ever want to leave your web host, having your domain registered with services such as or GoDaddy makes that easier, as you’ll avoid the hassle (and potential cost) of transferring your domain to a new registrar.

  • Hosting service: Web hosting is what makes a website accessible on the internet. The price varies by the web host and type of plan, ranging between a few dollars and hundreds of dollars per month.
  • Domain name: In simple terms, a domain name acts as an address that leads users to your website. When it comes to the costs, if you opt for the most widely used .com domain extension, prepare to pay around $8/year.
  • Extra services: Depending on the type of website, some additional extensions and tools might be necessary. For example, if you own a business company and want to use WordPress as your go-to CMS, you might need to invest in a contact form or Google Analytics plugin.

So, how much does it cost to host a website? Shared hosting (the cheapest kind) costs $2.49 – $15/month, and dedicated hosting (the most expensive kind) costs $80 – $730/month. 

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