how to create effective gacebook ads

How to create effective Facebook Ads?

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How to create effective Facebook Ads?

Are you using the wrong campaign objective while creating a Facebook ad? You’re probably confused after noticed a lot of Facebook Ad Objectives and which ad objective gives you a better result? Keep reading if want to know the answer to all those questions. 

As I already mentioned in my earlier post, due to billions of monthly active users, Facebook is one of the top and powerful business platforms for engaging and reaching your audience. To run an ad on your Facebook, you need to choose the right Facebook campaign objective to achieve your business goal. Selecting the wrong campaign objective led to Facebook showing your ads to the wrong audience at the wrong time. The objective you select provide information to Facebook about your campaign goals and what action you want your users to take after they see your ad. Facebook gets information from its user based on age, location, gender, behavior, interests and also know what users like. There are several Facebook Ads Features than any other Ads.

Facebook advertising implies paying to place product promotions and offers which target a specific audience on the platform. There are no specific creative skills for marketers to win people’s hearts and gain customers on the platform. Facebook users are not checking their newsfeed to look for products or to spend money; they are there to interact with family and friends, keep up with everyone’s lives, and share memes or posts.

Facebook Ad structure

When you start advertising on your Facebook, it is important to understand how FB will organize your ads. Inside Ads Manager, to run an ad, there are the steps you must follow:

  • The first step is to choose an Objective.
  • If you’ve chosen your objective, the next step is the Ad Set level. Ad set will define your audience (where your ads will appear).
  • And the Ad level is all about what people will see and define your ad creative or what will appear in your ads. Like Images you use, the link that you get people to click on, and messaging within the ad.

Facebook Ads structure


“The key benefit of Facebook Ad structure is not only it breaks down the steps, also creating a campaign let you test which ads perform better.”

Facebook Ad Objective in 2021- Create your first ad campaign

Facebook Ad Objectives breaks down into 3 different columns: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. Each of the categories into other different Facebook Ad objectives.

Facebook Ad objective 2021




These three columns Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion, are matching with the marketing funnel. The top funnel Awareness objectives are used when you’re trying to create awareness for your brands and best for targeting the people. You can choose it if you’re trying to get people to take interest in your product on an E-commerce site.

In the middle of the funnel, Consideration objectives are best to use for those ads when you want to reach and engage people who have already shown interest in your products and also looking for info to learn more about your store/brand.

And the final funnel, Conversion objectives are almost at the bottom of the sales funnel. They are great when you want to target people to drive the store traffic, make purchases from your e-commerce store, or visit your physical store.

First, you need to choose one of the most suited Facebook Ad Objectives for your ad and figure out which objective works with where in your sales funnel the people try to target.

Facebook Ad Objective 2021: Awareness

If you want to increase the awareness of your brand then Awareness objectives are a great choice. Two types of Awareness ads to choose from are:

  • Brand Awareness

If your marketing objective is to reach more people who are likely to be interested or pay attention to your ads and increases awareness of your brand, then this is a type of objective you should choose.

Facebook Ad objective 2021

  • Reach

If you want to reach the maximum number of people within the target audience, you should choose this objective. To show your ad as many people as possible, for instance, when you just launch a brand-new collection in your store, or when you have a special offer on your products, multiple brands, and when you do not need users to take a specific action, then this Fb ad objective will be perfect.

Facebook Ad objective

Facebook Ad Objectives 2021: Consideration

If you want your audience to do more than just be aware of your ad, then you need to try one of the consideration objectives. It optimizes for a specific action such as link clicks, likes, or comments. FB shows your ad to those target audiences who are likely to take the action you’ve chosen. There are six consideration objectives, they are:

  • Traffic

Traffic Marketing Objective is going to be ideal if you want to send more people to a destination on/off Facebook. If your goal is to drive traffic to your website then this is best to choose.

At the ad level of the campaign, you have to choose the destination URL which can be any target website you choose. If you want to optimize any landing page views then your ad account must connect to Facebook Pixel.

Facebook Ad objective 2021

Note: This is the best option if you are likely to send people to your website to read your blog post or look at your menu or something like that.

  • Engagement

The engagement objective is going to be ideal if your goal is to get more people to see and engage with your posts/ page. Engagement includes comments, shares, likes, event responses, and offer claims.

While creating an ad with engagement, you can choose from 3 engagement type options:

  • Post Engagement ad includes reactions, likes, comments, shares, video views, and all clicks. Just as with your organic post, a post engagement ad will encourage engagement from the audience and give them a reason to interact.
  • Page likes ad is to grow your FB page followers and if you choose page like engagement type objective then it will likely reach people who will click “like” your page.
  • If you have any FB events then you can choose this engagement. This help to get more people to respond to that event ad. However, this is low-intent action, having 100 people going on that event doesn’t mean 100 will attend.

Facebook Ad objective 2021

Note: if you want to increase your page fan, sign-ups to an FB event, and add social proof to post, you can choose an engagement objective.

  • App installs

  App installs are going to be an ideal campaign if you want to send people to a store where they can purchase your app that can be App Store for Apple and Play store for Android. Automated App ads are designed for the ad creation process with FB doing the work for you or else create App ads manually.

App Install Ads

Note: if you want people to download and engage with your app, App installs objective is a good choice.

  • Video views

Video Views is going to be ideal if you want people to watch your videos and raise awareness about your brand and that can be things like behind-the-scenes footage, product launches, and customer stories.

A good tip is if you want to create videos it’s probably best to keep those videos on 15 seconds or less because that is the type of video length that is going to get the greatest number of views.

Facebook Ad objective 2021

Note:  if you want people to watch an introductory video, or get more views on your FB live replay then it is a perfect choice.

  • Lead generation

Lead Generation is going to be perfect if your objective is to collect lead information from people interested in your business. It allows you to add a contact form to your FB ad and also, customize the form to ask other qualifying questions if you need to collect other details from the prospect. You can use those details to contact them through phone or email and do a call back on them or email campaign.

Note: if you want prospective customers to easily submit their details (like name, email address, contact details) and your website doesn’t have a sign-up form then a Lead generation objective ad is a great choice for you.

  • Messages

The Messages campaign objective is going to be very effective if your primary goal is to start conversations with the target audience on Messenger or Instagram. Fb will show your ads around those people who are likely to send a message. When your ad is active, make sure someone is monitoring your inbox because many users will expect a response within 10 minutes.

Note: if you want people to have an opportunity to have conversations with you or ask any queries about making a purchase or need to know further details toward working with you then Message objective is the best choice.

Facebook Ad Objectives 2021: Conversion

Conversion focus on getting people to actually make a purchase and generate actual dollars for your business. Conversion objectives are used to optimize for higher-intent action like purchase, & require some initial setup before using them. There are 3 objectives from where you can choose for your ads.

  • Conversions

The conversion is an ideal objective if your goal is to get people who take valuable action on your website or app, such as adding products to the cart, adding payment info, making purchases, sign up for your newsletter.

To run these campaigns, you’ll need to:

If your main goal is to increase sales then use conversion’s objective. After you select a conversions campaign, it could be a website, an app, messenger, or WhatsApp. Then you have to select the right Facebook pixel and finally, you can choose the event you want to track. I have already mentioned how to install the Facebook pixel and set it up on your website on my other blog posts.

  • Catalog sales

This product Catalog sale is automatically created products from your product catalog. This is ideal (perfect) if you have a big E-commerce store and want to generate many ads very quickly. It takes some time to set up but pitch unique offers and products to people.

Facebook Ad objective

  • Store traffic

Finally, this store traffic is perfect if you want to promote your location to people who are nearby and get them to come in.


It is important to be very careful while considering which Facebook Ads objectives 2021 to use for your campaigns to get a positive effect on the results of your ads. The primary goal of these FB ad objectives is to make it easier for advertisers to choose the right campaign that will lead to the best results.

Now that you understand how Fb objectives work in your ads after reading this blog. You’ll be able to choose the right objective most likely to achieve your main business goal which maybe increases sales, drive traffic, start conversations, etc. but the best way to get better results is by testing different campaign objectives.

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