What are the best marketing hacks for LinkedIn Marketing?

What are the best marketing hacks for LinkedIn?

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What are the best marketing hacks for LinkedIn?

Do you think Linkedin Marketing is one of the fast-growing social platforms for business? LinkedIn officially has 810 million users on its books. It is business-friendly right now, you can post something on your LinkedIn profile and get anywhere 20-40 % of your connections/ followers to see it. Whereas on Facebook you’d get just around 6%.

There are a lot of social networking platforms on the internet. However, very few of them become popular and define a meta. Facebook defined the area of casual online socialization, Instagram defined the meta for images, and LinkedIn defined the meta for building professional networks on the internet. 

Many of us know about building our network and business through Facebook and Instagram. But do you know how to market yourself using LinkedIn?

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Let’s start with the basics!

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn Marketing

While this networking media seems underpowered compared to the two monsters, aka Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn is one of the best ways to connect with people who matter to your business. Sure it does have less exposure when compared to the casual ones. However, LinkedIn is your best choice if you are looking for business professionals and aim to market yourself to a knowledgeable audience. 

This somewhat of an underrated platform can be the first step towards success if you learn how to utilize it well. Through LinkedIn, you can improve your:

And more. The process involved doing the said things through LinkedIn as a media is called LinkedIn Marketing. 

LinkedIn marketing simply promotes your brand or business for better connection and recognition through LinkedIn in layman’s terms. 

The best part about using LinkedIn over other social media platforms is that you will only be connected to those who are either relevant to your business or interested in your industry. Although this will result in less visibility, it also means that your chance of converting those who view your brand/ profile is relatively high. 

This is the reason why many business personnel uses LinkedIn to build connections. This is not a question of whether you should use LinkedIn Marketing or not. Instead, it is about How to do it!

LinkedIn Marketing for Beginners

If you have been in the professional and corporate world for a while, you probably know how to do LinkedIn Marketing. However, if you are just starting, you should know a few things about LinkedIn marketing.

Here we will provide you with a few tips on LinkedIn Marketing for beginners.

  1. Keep an Updated Profile
LinkedIn Marketing 2022

Having an updated profile is a tip that applies to just about every networking platform. Regardless of which social media or networking platform you use, an updated profile will let the visitors know about your recent significant achievements and changes. 

People won’t browse through your entire profile unless they are extremely bored or know what you provide. You can’t do anything for the first type of people. However, you can attract the second type by keeping crucial information on your profile, such as:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Your key achievements
  • Banner
  • Skill

These things will help curious people to know your expertise at a single glance. 

2. The Banner Matters

LinkedIn Marketing

Once you create your LinkedIn Profile, you should notice a section behind your profile that looks like a cover image on Facebook. This is called a banner on LinkedIn, which serves as an online business card for all your LinkedIn Profile viewers. Although you can use any form of images there, some good practices include:

  • Adding in your current state of employment
  • Call to Action
  • Contact Information
  • What you Provide

Doing this will increase the number of connections you can get on LinkedIn. If you are wondering why the reason is simple- people don’t like to go through the entire profile if they are unsure of what you provide. By letting the potential connection know your contact information and the services you provide at first glance of your profile, you help them make faster decisions faster. 

3. Relevant Content

Be active in LinkedIn Groups

Bill Gates once said, “Content is King!” We agree with his statement. Your content will reflect your personality both professionally and privately. Since you will be seeking professional content during LinkedIn Marketing, you should post content relevant to your business.

Doing this will let the people who view your profile judge your work’s personality and build credibility towards your work. If you post random content on your LinkedIn Profile, your credibility will decrease, leading to reduced lead generation and conversion. 

The point is, be careful of what you post on LinkedIn since it can severely affect your opportunities. 

4. Be active in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Marketing for begineer

LinkedIn Marketing, in some ways, is a lot like Facebook Marketing. In Both of these platforms, you need to post relevant content and join groups related to your niche. However, unlike Facebook, where you can simply post memes, you need to be professional here. 

Besides being professional, you need to engage and be active in groups to get noticed. At the same time, you need to be careful not to come off as a know-it-all in the said groups. Your impression in the groups will impact your networking in many ways. 

You should leave an impression of someone who knows what they are doing and is helpful but isn’t arrogant about their skills and knowledge. If you manage to leave this impression, the group members will want to connect with you, drastically improving your business opportunities and networking. 

5. LinkedIn Profile Vs LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn Marketing

Although both may sound the same, they are two completely different concepts with separate purposes.

LinkedIn Page is like a public space to promote your business in LinkedIn Marketing. People on these networking platforms will see your LinkedIn page and its content without connecting with the business. This means that if you build your LinkedIn page well, you can get higher engagements there. However, the chance of conversion is somewhat less.

On the flip side, LinkedIn Profile is private and will only be accessible to people you allow. This will result in a drastic decrease in engagement. However, the LinkedIn profile is not meant to get more engagements but rather to have one-on-one conversations. This naturally means the conversion rate is excellent if you get people to connect with you on LinkedIn Profiles since you can directly engage with people.

You should know where and when to use them in LinkedIn Marketing. We suggest you focus more on the Pages if you have a sales-driven business and more on Profiles if you have a service-driven business. 

6. Use hashtags (#) effectively

Use hashtags (#) effectively

The use of Hashtags (#) applies to just about every networking platform, be it Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Hashtags let the algorithm know about the theme or topic of your content. This helps the algorithm group your content together with other similar content. 

All of this results in increasing the visibility of your content during searches on LinkedIn. As you probably know by now, in LinkedIn marketing, increasing visibility means more chance of a conversion. 

Unlike other networking media, the hashtag is a double-edged sword in LinkedIn. This is because you have virtually no negative consequences if you use random hashtags on Facebook and Instagram since most of the user base is the general public. However, since professionals mostly use LinkedIn with intent, it can negatively impact your credibility if you use them improperly. 

Therefore we advise you to only use relevant hashtags on your posts during LinkedIn Marketing. Another helpful tip is to limit the number of Hashtags to around 5 or 6 to avoid overstuffing.  

7. Posts of Varying Lengths Helps

LinkedIn Marketing

Although most of the users in LinkedIn are indeed looking for business connections, they are people at the end of the day, and they too have their own needs when it comes to content. Once the users connect with you, be it on your Profile or Page, they will give it a read. This is where the length of your content comes into play.

You should have contents of varying lengths on your LinkedIn profile simply to keep your connections interested in you. If you only have short content, then they can quickly lose interest due to lack of substance. On the flip side, if your profile consists of just long content, then it can quickly get tedious to read. 

Use short content to grab the attention and announce updates and follow them up with long content to add substance to your short content. 

8. External Articles is Viable 

External Articles is Viable 

Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn supports external links on your profile. This means that you can easily share your works to your LinkedIn profile and pages. Along with this, this ability to share external links is helpful to let your connection know your recent interest as well.

Share the articles of the topics you are currently invested in and those that add value to your connection. This will enable your connection to view you in a better light. The reason behind this is simple as well. You have your own work and constantly seek others’ work for inspiration. This type of work attitude is the hallmark of someone who takes their profession seriously.

9. Free Job Posts

Free job post

On LinkedIn, you can easily seek a job or advertise the vacancy. Regardless of which side you belong to, the process is free. Although you can do this in mediums such as Facebook and Job websites, they either don’t reach your intended target or cost money. 

The best part about free job posts on LinkedIn is that the posts will only reach your target audience. The reason; the only people who are connected with your LinkedIn profile are those related to your business niche or those interested in them.

If you are a new professional in need of team members or employees, using this service is a great idea to boost your business. Furthermore, if you really need to expand your job vacancy reach, you can pay a small fee to expand your reach. Once you go premium, you will get additional features such as:

  • Additional Reach
  • Top on relevant job search results
  • Instant Mobile Notification to qualified candidates
  • Access to Video Intro Feature allowing applicants to submit video application
  • Notification about job application
  • Access to collect and filter applications


The gist of this entire content is – to be the professional you admire in order to get genuine connections and contacts via LinkedIn Marketing. You should be genuine at what you do and appear as someone worth investing time in. 

As we mentioned before, LinkedIn is a space meant for professionals. So if you want to do good in LinkedIn Marketing, you first have to be a good professional. After that, you need to show it on this networking platform. 

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