Top 10 AI tools for Digital Marketers that will Blow your Mind!

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Top 10 AI tools for Digital Marketers that will Blow your Mind!

Here are the Top 10 Must-Have AI tools for Digital Marketers that will blow your mind for certain!

A recent survey by our very own homegrown AI company and the top marketing professional association found that 79% of Digital marketers feel that AI will be a significant part of their work in the coming years. The new breed of digital marketers and marketers-in-training are growing to understand how to use this toolset to improve their efficiency, reduce operational costs, and create new opportunities for innovation.

What is AI used for in marketing?

AI and machine learning can be applied practically across the entire customer journey, from lead management to lead nurturing and customer retention. In customer journeys, they can be used to surface personalized recommendations, deliver real-time content relevant to each customer’s actions, automate tasks such as lead follow-up, and even offer predictions on customer lifetime value. In a nutshell: It allows marketers to target customers in a more relevant way.

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So why are so many marketers still skeptical about AI? Without sufficient education or understanding of what AI is and what it isn’t, skepticism is understandable.

1. ShortlyAI – Copywriting Tool (for short-form content)

ShortlyAI - Copywriting Tool (for short-form content)

ShortlyAI is an excellent AI application that supports small businesses with copywriting.

Short-form content like tweets, captions, product descriptions, and even SEO SEO meta elements parts are mostly written using this technique! This tool may be used to create content for any social media network or channel, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is intended for folks that require more words on a regular basis, such as SEOs, bloggers, and business owners.

Shortly will quickly give you a sizable chunk of content if you just enter your major keywords (or copy the text of what you’re trying to write).

2. Descript – Audio and Video Editing Tool

You can use the AI tool Descript to make audio and video for your blog entries, videos, and social media posts.

Descript stands out for a number of reasons, including its Overdub feature, which lets you record yourself and add to or change the conversation by only changing the language in the video transcript.

AI then creates your authentic human-sounding voiceover using the new or updated dialogue from the video.

What a cool thing!

You may use this tool to produce podcasts by simply copying and pasting your content, but it doesn’t end there. AI will record your voice and make it into a podcast.

This tool includes a ton of other awesome features.

3. – Marketing Video Generation Tool - Marketing Video Generation Tool

One of the best things you can utilize to enhance interaction on your social media channels for small businesses is video content. is an AI tool that helps us to create high-quality videos using text by enabling marketers.

You have the option of choosing one of their virtual avatars as the spokesperson or making your own.

The text can be copied and pasted, and our AI program will convert it into a polished film in a matter of minutes!


4. – Sketch, Snap, and Your Landing Page Will Be Ready

Without using any graphic program at all, is another best AI tools for digital marketers that uses machine learning to assist you in designing your professional-looking landing page!

Simply upload a screenshot of the landing page you want, describe your company, your target market, and the campaign’s objectives, and then submit the screenshot.

It can be used to design small business websites, landing pages, and funnels too- basically any web work you need to be done.


5. – Automate Your Facebook Ads is one of the other best AI tools for Digital Marketer’s Facebook advertising that helps to generate and manage their ads automatically.

It functions by teaching the platform how to understand your company’s target market and how to win its business.

Small businesses frequently find themselves wasting a lot of time on trivial matters since they are constantly trying to do their best for their social media advertising campaigns. is an AI solution that can automatically optimize your campaigns so you don’t have to worry about it!

This implies that as a result of your efforts being optimized, conversions will also increase.

6. LeadiQ – Lead Generation

LeadiQ is an AI-powered lead generation tool that helps to find & qualify leads, faster. LeadiQ uses a number of different data sources to find leads, including social media, job boards, and business directories.

Once a lead has been identified, LeadIQ uses natural language processing (NLP) to examine the lead’s web presence & assign the lead a score based on how likely they will be interested in our offering.

We can keep in touch with our leads even if they aren’t immediately ready to buy by using it to set up automatic lead nurturing campaigns. If a lead doesn’t reply to your emails, we can configure the software to phone them instead of sending them a series of emails over time.

7. Moz Pro – SEO

Moz Pro is another best AI tools for Digital Marketers that help to improve website ranking in search engines.

Moz Pro analyzes a website using a variety of data sources & makes recommendations on how to boost a brand’s SEO. Finding the most effective keywords to target is made easier with the help of Moz Pro. It also offers advice on how to make the website’s title and meta tags better and monitors rankings over time.

Other tools such as a link-building tool, a site audit tool, & a competition analysis tool are available that might boost a brand’s SEO.

“Moz allows us to zone in on the low-difficulty terms, and discover niche keywords that may be overlooked by competitors. This provides an opportunity to develop a content marketing strategy that is based on an analytical approach rather than guessing, i.e. creating posts or landing pages that in theory sound good but may not receive traffic.”

Chris Zacher, Content Marketing Strategist at Intergrowth

8. Chat GPT

Chat GPT is a dialect of OpenAI’s well-known GPT-3.5 language-generation program that has been developed to carry on human-to-human discussions. It’s easy to use the ChatGPT because all you have to do is enter your text to get the information.

To utilize any of OpenAI’s tools, you must first create an account. So if you don’t already have one, you must do so.

The company OpenAI does AI research and development. Their goal is to make broad artificial intelligence beneficial to all people.

AI tools for Digital Marketers

Best uses of Chat GPT

  • Writing Code
  • Debug Code
  • Explain complex concepts (Like I am 5)
  • Diet Planner
  • Story writer

9. Rytr

Without rock-solid content, you’ll never establish a strong brand voice or establish authority in your niche. 

Now AI writing tools exist to help create valuable content with minimal human intervention. 

Rytr is an automated writing helper that generates marketing content on its own accord based on your input specifications (title, keywords, subject matter, essential points, etc.). The platform adjusts the copy to reflect both the channel and your brand voice (social media, landing page, email, etc.). This smart AI copy editor even generates snappy calls to action (CTAs) to help generate extra engagement.

If you’re looking for an AI-powered tool to make your existing words and content sing, almost instantly, Wordtune is a useful digital marketing solution if you’re seeking for an AI-powered tool to almost immediately make your existing words and content sing.

It fits seamlessly into any Chrome or Edge browser, automatically performing modifications that will improve your text and make it easier for your target audience to understand.

10. DALL.E

DALL.E- AI tools for Digital Marketers

DALL·E 2 is a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in a new AI system called DALL.E 2 can produce art and realistic visuals from a description given in natural language.

DALL.E was unveiled in January 2021. One year later, our newest technology, DALLE 2, produces images that are 4 times more accurate and realistic. You can use Dall.e as an AI tools for Digital Marketer for creating realistic images and art.

From a natural language caption, it may modify existing photographs realistically. While accounting for textures, reflections, and shadows, it can add and remove objects.

DALLE 2 has the ability to take an image and produce various iterations of it. It has figured out how images relate to the text that describes them.

This works by using a technique called “diffusion,” which starts with a pattern of random dots and transforms it into an image.

The Future of AI in Marketing 

AI tools for Digital Marketers may greatly enhance marketing campaigns to increase productivity, visibility, conversion rates, and more!

It is rapidly integrating into our routine marketing activities. They are probably going to be applied to a wide range of activities we carry out when building a brand. We can automate tasks, personalize marketing, and ultimately arrive at better conclusions faster by using AI to optimize our campaigns!

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