Top 10 Latest SEO Trends in 2024: You can’t Ignore

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Top 10 Latest SEO Trends in 2024: You can’t Ignore

Here are the 10 Latest SEO Trends in 2024

A quick question – what trends are you following these days? As the thing goes, there will always be a new trend in motion because the definition of a trend is ” a general direction of progress or change.” This applies to every sector, including web development and SEO. To put it simply, a trend is an activity or task popular at the current time.

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Top SEO Trends for keyword research: Google Trends

What is an SEO? 

To put it simply, SEO is the practice of making your website and webpage eligible to display on the search engine results and rank them higher on the search pages. Similar to just about everything in the world, there are trends in SEO as well. These trends or practices in SEO are caused by changes in user demands or search engine algorithms. 

Here we will be talking about 10 of these trends. 

Top 10 SEO Trends You Can’t Ignore

As we mentioned before, trends are simply popular activities among users or groups of people. As of 2024, a few practices and uses are gaining popularity.

These practices and uses are the demands of people and the SEO market. However, you should note that the trends are constantly on the verge of change, and what’s popular now may not be trendy next year. 

With this being cleared, let’s get started with the list.

1. Index now API

Top SEO trends of 2022

In simple terms, the Index Now API is a protocol developed by Microsoft that enables experts to notify search engines whenever a change is made to a website through an API. 

This means that when Index Now API is used, the webmasters will not have to wait for ages for the SEO bots or web crawlers to notice the change. They simply notify the search engine whenever a change is made and ask the crawlers to scan their website for indexing. 

As you can expect, this has a lot of benefits for SEO companies, some of which are:

  • Manage bots to integrate Index now into their solutions for better SEO
  • Integrate Index now to their SEO packages for better ROI

This can boost the SEO of a website since it doesn’t need to wait for the crawlers to notice changes, and the web pages with the said changes can be indexed almost instantly. 

2. Meta Tag

Meta tag- Top SEO trends of 2023

If you have dabbled in the world of programming, then you must be familiar with this term. The meta tag is simply a code in HTML that has some information about the website. As you can expect from a programming code, it cannot be seen on the website. Rather, this form of code is used by Search engine bots, aka web crawlers, to check for the core information of the website, such as Headlines, descriptions, and keywords.

These are important aspects of SEO. Unless there is a significant change in programming or SEO algorithm, this SEO trend of highlighting the Meta Tags is here to stay. 

3. User Intent

User intent search

As the name says, user intent is the intent of the user behind their searches. Why is this a trend in SEO for 2024? The reason is simple – if you know the intent behind why an average person searches for something, then you can deliver them what they want. 

User intent, which is sometimes also known as Search intent, determines the goal or intention that s/he has when they enter their query in their search engine. Although you cannot determine the intent of the user solely from their search query, it does showcase the general interest of a person for the said keyword entry. 

If the user gets what they want, they would naturally stay longer on your website and become a potential customer. If done right, identifying User Intent decreases the bounce rate and retains the viewers, an important SEO metric. 

4. People also ask

People also ask

Have you ever noticed those questions after the first few results on Google? These words usually are similar to your searches but are not quite the same. This section is known as People also Ask. 

This section contains other related searches connected with your keywords or similar searches, along with snippets of keywords that they may be interested in. There are multiple ways to determine the phrases in the “people also ask section” among which the common method is to show the related keywords.

For instance, in the image, the search entry is User Intent. In the people also ask section, the search engine showed the related questions to that keyword. The questions are presented in the form of FAQs and from there you can easily see the questions and some general questions related to it. If your website is highly optimized for the said keyword and contains answers to the related question, then it too will appear in this section of the search pages. 

If you are wondering why this is a top 10 SEO trends, the SEO experts and bots have realized that people don’t just search for the exact words but follow them up with related searches. You can drive people towards your content through this section rather easily. 

5. Long-form content

Top SEO trends of 2022

Long-form content simply means content that is between 1000 and 75000 words. If you wonder why long content has become a trend, the reason is rather simple.

Although people do not like to read long articles, they hate incomplete information. Therefore, they prefer articles and content containing complete information rather than just snippets. If you have ever written an article, you should know that it is extremely hard to fit every piece of information into short content.  You can compact every piece of information into a small container. However, that will mean the loss of readability, not something you want to compromise on. 

Along with this, if the viewer doesn’t get adequate information in the said content, then they will naturally bounce off your website. Yes, it is indeed true that people do not read your entire content but rather scan them. However, even though people simply scan your content, the average internet user has gotten skilled enough to get the overall gist of the content in a website. 

Once the user scans the website, they will give it a detailed read and spend more time on your website if you have the complete set of information provided through a long-form website.

6. Use of Structured data

Use of structured Data

Structured data is simply a javascript code that helps search engines to better understand and display the content. 

Structured data helps the search engine understand your content better, by letting them know the contents within your content. This helps the search engines present more information to the search engine result pages through the use of rich snippets. 

Along with this, unlike in the past, people use a wide range of search engines in modern times. Since structured data helps the engines display the content, the use of multiple structured data increases the visibility of your web page visibility, thereby boosting the SEO of your website/ page. 

7. Core Web Vitals (CWV)

Core web Vitals- Top 10 SEO Trends

In layman’s terms, core web vitals are the metrics that grade the loading speed. This includes grading the websites based on how quickly a page’s content loads, the website’s response rate, and the content’s stability while it is loaded on the website.

These vitals include:

  • LCP (Largest Contentful Paint): A metric that measures the loading time of the largest content element within the viewable screen on the user screen
  • FID (First Input Delay): A metric system that measures the response time between actions of users such as clicking or swiping and the reaction of the website.
  • CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift): This is a metric system in core web vitals that measures components like the stability of the screen when actions like zoom, scrolling, and other visual elements.

By measuring these core vitals, an SEO expert can check if:

  • The website is loading or not,
  • The website has a good user interface or not,
  • The website is visually stable and appealing or not,

These three metrics and analyses give you the general gist of things you can improve on your website to make it load faster. If you are an avid internet user, you should know that a website that loads quickly gets and retains more visitors.

Core Web Vitals became a trend in the world of SEO because it helps experts analyze the general SEO validity of their websites without going into specific details. If the CWV is bad, then the web developers can look deeper. However a website has good core web vitals, the expert can be assured that the website speed and general SEO of the website are decent.

8. Visual and Image Content

Top SEO trends of 2023

As you may have guessed, this is the trend in SEO that is focused on promoting content that is visually appealing and contains images. In this trend, the primary bulk of the information is still written in the text. However, the information is portrayed through attractive images, animations, 3D models, and visuals. 

The sole reason this became top 10 SEO trends due to the fact that in modern times, general people find plain text boring. If people are not visually stimulated by content, then the chances of them seeking other alternatives with the same information is relatively high. 

9. Democratization of SERP

Democratization of SERP

Search Engine Result Page or SERP is the page you see after you enter your search query into engines such as Google or Bing. Democratization of SERP simply means the process of making the SERP available to every user regardless of their devices or location.

In order to do this, you, as a web developer and SEO expert will need to make your website compatible with every platform used by your target audience. Once you do this, your viewership will naturally increase. The more devices your website is compatible with, the more democratized your SERP will be. 

This process became one of the top 10 SEO trends because, with the advancement of technology, people are using a wide range of devices to access the internet and are not just limited to mobile and computers. Since your website will be compatible with these devices, it will then create a positive feedback loop where your SEO is increased by the number of viewers you get from across the platform which in turn boosts your SEO rankings. 

10. Reader and Bot Optimized content

Top 10 SEO trends

The concept behind this trend is simple. You write content with sentence structures and phrases to appease the SEO bots. After fulfilling this requirement, you write the content to fulfill the needs of your target customers. 

You can get better engagement and viewer retention if you write in a language that is easy to understand, is engaging, and contains relevant information. However, they will not find your content if it doesn’t appease the bots. 

Bots, on the other hand, seek patterns and words based on the SEO algorithm. 

Once you are done with writing content that appeals to both sides of the spectrum, you will see your search engine rankings rise. The Bots will prioritize your content because it fulfills its requirements for more viewers. As your content is designed to attract and retain viewers as well, once you get the viewers, you will easily be able to retain them. 

If you didn’t know, viewer retention is an important aspect of SEO along with the number of viewers. This concept became a trend because it helps you get more viewers by appeasing the bots and retaining viewers by engaging content that meets their needs. 

Bonus – Localization of SEO

Localization of SEO

Localization of SEO is the process of translating your web content to match a specific locality. This includes modifying the core content to fit in with the social, cultural, and linguistic norms of the society that you are targeting. 

For instance, if you have core content about Nepali culture, you can localize the same content for Nepali and American audiences by changing the tone and context of your content. You focus on cultural pride when appealing to Nepali audiences and lifestyles around the culture for American ones with phrases familiar to your target society. 

You can garner a wide range of viewers and customers by doing this. Although this is indeed a lot of additional work and the AI is not smart enough to do this as of now, Content Localization is without a doubt one of the greatest top 10 SEO trends. 

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The Conclusion

Top SEO trends of 2022

A trend never lasts forever; however, it makes several lasting impacts on its sector in the duration that it does last. SEO is a world where everything on a website matters. From web design to images, everything affects it. SEO, in turn, affects the overall viability of the website, and this result affects the success of a website.

Therefore, one needs to follow one of the Top 10 SEO trends 2024. They are the practices popularized by the need of the current times and practices that just work. 

Here we talked about the top 10 SEO TRENDS. By implementing them, you can drastically improve your website performance. However, as we mentioned before, regardless of how popular a trend is, it will never last forever. With the progress of time and technology, the trend change is inevitable. So, it is a good practice to stay updated on the latest trend related to your sector. 

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