How to advertise on Facebook 2022 (FB boosting in Nepal)

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How to advertise on Facebook 2022 (FB boosting in Nepal)

How to advertise on Facebook in the latest version of 2022?

Did you know that Facebook is not more than just a social network media? Due to the advancement of technology and options on Facebook, digital marketers have found their niche and made it an effective medium of marketing. If you are an avid user of this social media or into digital marketing, then this should not be a piece of big news for you. As a user, you probably have seen ads that seem oddly specific to your taste right? That is a part of digital marketing targetted towards you 

However, the thing with the digital marketing world is that change is inevitable, especially when the market is user-driven like that of Facebook. Therefore, the tricks that worked a few years back might no longer be used. Here we will talk about this very thing; advertisement on Facebook or to be more specific, how to advertise on Facebook in 2022. 

If you are someone involved in digital marketing, then this might just be what you need. On the other hand, if you are an average user, you can use the tips we mention here to either find the products you want to avoid random targeting. 


New updates in Meta Business Suite

Check out What’s New in Meta Business Suite: Latest feature releases, updates, and announcements.

Facebook Business Suite is now Meta Business Suite

January 10, 2022

We’ve updated our name as part of our new company brand. Aside from that, everything else stays the same, and you can continue using it like you always have.

Learn more

Invite friends to follow your Page

December 2, 2021

Now you can invite your Facebook friends to follow your Page. Invitations will be sent from your personal account. To invite friends to follow your Page, go to Audience Growth on home and select Facebook friends.

Invite friends

Send Page invites based on post reactions

December 2, 2021

Now when people react to your posts, you can invite them to follow your Page. You can choose the type of reactions to invite. To send invites to people who react to your posts, go to Audience Growth on home and select Post reactions.

Send invites

Review mentions & tags in one place

November 8, 2021

Review Facebook and Instagram posts that your business has been mentioned and tagged in by going to posts & stories and selecting the mentions & tags tab. From there, you can also reshare posts or request to feature Instagram posts in your shop.

Review now

Discover Business Feed

September 12, 2021

Business Feed is a dedicated space to get inspired by businesses you follow on Facebook and Instagram. While browsing, you will also get recommendations for other Pages you might be interested in. You can find Business Feed in the More Tools menu.

Go to Business Feed

Edit scheduled stories

August 23, 2021

Now you can edit scheduled stories. This update allows you to make changes until your story is published. In Posts & Stories, choose the scheduled story you want to edit, and then select Edit Story in the more menu.

Go to Stories

Add multiple photos and videos to stories

June 10, 2021

Now you can add up to 10 photos and videos to your story at a time. To do so, go to Create Story and select Add Media.

Create story

More convenient Facebook Business Account creation

June 1, 2021

Now you can create a Business Account directly in Meta Business Suite. Business Accounts bring your Facebook Pages, Instagram accounts, and the people who work on them together, so you can manage them as a unified online business. To create a new Business Account, go to the dropdown menu in your navigation bar on the left.

Create account

New planner to manage posts and stories

April 22, 2021

Now you can view and manage your published and scheduled posts and stories within a planner. To access your planner, go to Planner. You can view by week or month and filter by Facebook, Instagram, posts, or stories.

Go to planner

Facebook and Instagram stories are now available

March 19, 2021

Now you can schedule, share and manage Facebook and Instagram stories in Business Suite. To create a story, go to Posts & stories and select Create Story. To manage a story, go to Posts & stories and select Stories.

Go to Stories

Create videos using images

January 14, 2021

When you create a post, now you can turn an image into a video with customizable templates. To create a video using an image, select Create Video under Media while creating a post. If you’ve already added an image, select Turn Into Video.

Edit published and scheduled posts

January 5, 2021

Now you can edit published and scheduled posts in Business Suite. To make edits, go to Posts & Stories, select the post you want to manage, and click on the More menu.

Go to Posts

New insights in the content report

December 3, 2020

Post and ad insights across Facebook and Instagram are now live side-by-side in the content report. Results for ads help you gauge ad performance. To view your report, go to Insights and select Content.

View report

Manage settings in Meta Business Suite

November 12, 2020

Now you can manage settings for your Facebook Pages, Instagram accounts and the people who manage them. Visit Settings to get started.

Learn more

Preview Facebook Page and Instagram account

November 10, 2020

Now you can preview and edit the details displayed on your Facebook Page and Instagram account. To see and update the info, click on your Page or Instagram profile picture on Home.

Let’s get on with the topic now. 

How to advertise on Facebook in 2022?

As we mentioned a bit earlier, with the progression of time and trends, the “best method” to market changes as well. If your platform is user-driven like that of Facebook and Instagram, the change in trends will affect your marketing severely. 

Let’s take an example:

A few years prior, to advertise effectively on Facebook, you needed information and a source. Nowadays, most of the user base is attracted towards entertainment with some amount of information. As such, the primary means of marketing have changed from informative images to entertaining images such as memes with informative captions and short videos. 

Using this as a base, let’s talk about 8 ways to market efficiently on Facebook in 2022, especially in the context of Nepal where most of the Facebook users seek entertainment. 

1. Facebook advertisement thorough Content Marketing

fb boosting in nepal

Although marketing means have changed on Facebook, the core is still the same i.e., know your audience and deliver content and ads based on the user preference. Facebook Marketing through Content marketing means this very same thing. 

Facebook marketing is simple terms is simply promoting your business on this platform and content marketing is simply promoting your content. If you know your audience well and know their preferred content, then you can easily create custom content with your brand persona and deliver it to your target audience. 

While doing this you do have to focus on creating the desired content. This will vary widely depending on your business sector and brand tone. If you are a semi-formal or a casual brand, it is always a good idea to market through entertaining and humorous visuals rather than texts on Facebook in 2022 for effective marketing. If you are one of those few businesses with a formal brand tone, your audiences will probably prefer content with formal seeming images with strict language. 

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2. Giveaways and contests

fb boosting in nepal

People love free things, especially in Nepal. Considering that Nepal has around 14 million Facebook users as of February 2022, that is a lot of people who love free things. If your business is catered towards a product,  using giveaways and contests is one of the best ways to market on Facebook in 2022. 

This is an age-old tactic that still works to this date simply because people love winning free gifts. You can tailor your giveaway with steps that require your users to share your social media pages or involve their peers and use give away prizes that are worth the effort. Although you will need to give stuff away for free, you will get a rather decent free advertisement as well. 

3. Facebook Live

Facebook Live

Facebook live is one of the most recent features of this social media platform. It is also one of the best methods to market on this social media platform as well. 

Unlike Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or twitch, going live on Facebook will not give you any direct income. However, it is an extremely good way to directly engage with your customer and know the active user base. 

Although people are involved with a lot of product/service pages, some of us have a few doubts that the pages are run by bots. People know that the technology is advanced enough to make this possible and since the content on your Facebook page will have a similar tone, this doubt is understandable as well. By going live, you will show your customer base the face behind the business and actively answer their queries along with joking around with them. 

Facebook Live, will not directly market your business, but it can build a deeper sense of connection and goodwill amongst your customer and that goes a long way to advertise your business. 

4. Video Contents

Video content on Facebook ads

As we mentioned before, short videos have become one of the most popular forms of content on just about every social networking platform. Although TikTok is partially to blame for this trend, it is also because of the change in content consumption preference of the users.

All of this means that in order to market effectively on Facebook, you will need to rely on short video content. You don’t need to fill your Facebook Business page with this type of content but you should have a few of them at regular intervals. Use entertaining short video content as a way to provide a snippet of your business and follow them with a few informative images to get the best result. The videos will attract the customers and images will provide the information and retain them, 

5. Combine Facebook Ads and Google Ads

Combine Facebook Ads and Google Ads

Did you know that you can now use Google Adsense on Facebook and do you know what this means as a business owner? 

This means that you can have the best of both worlds. Although simultaneously running both google ads and Facebook ads will cost you additional money, why take only half the measures when you can do both? Besides if you are running a social media campaign on Facebook, then you probably are already running an AdSense on google. 

Facebook Ads Is A Better Tool To Create Brand Awareness
Due to the detailed data about its users that Facebook possesses, businesses stand a better chance at having their pick of an incredibly customized target audience already interested in their niche.

It is also a great channel to make users aware of products and services they think they need. Facebook also is the best channel to promote an upcoming event by putting the message across for users who are inclined to attend. It is also an effective way to retarget your product to ensure a sale in case someone visited your product page and changed their mind.

Google Ads Is A Better Tool For A Purchasing Mindset
Google Ads is the go-to for most marketers working on the bottom funnel. Google’s search engine has the power to attract and direct traffic of people who are searching with the mindset to make an immediate purchase. Such users already know what they want, which makes them easier to target.

adwords vs facebook ads

This will enable you to get theoretically get twice as many viewers when compared to using Facebook ads alone. This is one of the best ways to advertise on Facebook in 2022!

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6. Customized Ads

customized ads in facebook example

Let’s talk about those oddly specific ads now. We all know how websites use cookies to track your activity on their sites. Facebook business page owners can use a similar technology to track your activity on their website as well. If you have visited their website once, then the chances are you are already under their ad radar. 

As a user, this is both good and a piece of bad news. It is good since you will find the products and services of your choice easier because of the constant customized ads. The bad aspect is when you accidentally ventured into a page.

As a business owner, however, it is within your rights to use such technology to know your user base and create custom ads for them. While using targeted ads, be sure to make them entertaining or informative. This will make the user be lenient with your ads and increase their rate of revisit that can potentially end up with the conversion. 

7. Mobile Ad’s

Mobile ads

Did you know that you can get Facebook Ads on your mobile? This is among those features that are extremely well utilized by foreign countries. The concept is rather simple. Design video content that looks like any ordinary short video. You can do this by either using a splash marketing tactic from TikTok or by simply revealing your marketing brand at the end of the short video.

If you make such ads entertaining enough, not only will you have a higher exposure but also get a higher rate of conversion. This is because unless one is looking carefully, the ads in Facebook apps are not as obvious as on computers. If people get interested enough, they might even follow your Facebook page simply to get entertained by your ads on their Facebook app. 

8. Chatbots

fb boosting in nepal

Chatbots are not a direct form of Facebook marketing and it only works among those who are already your customers. But you can give instant satisfaction to your customers and retain their goodwill through chatbots. This is because chatbots are basically automated technical assistants that provide instant solutions to simple questions. 

The chatbots may already have some frequent questions like package options or services displayed or be capable of recognizing simple questions and phrases to provide relevant answers. Regardless of what type of chatbot you have, it is one of the most effective ways to advertise on Facebook in 2022 in Nepal. This is a rather new technology in our country after all and people love new technologies. 


fb boosting in nepal

In the end, the general of this entire content is to know your audience’s needs, giveaways. along with videos and live streaming to indirectly advertise on Facebook in 2022 in Nepal. Along with this, you have more direct methods such as Facebook ads combined with Google ads and target ads on apps as well. 

We hope you found this insightful. 

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