Weird Interesting facts about South Korea | You may never hear!

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Weird Interesting facts about South Korea | You may never hear!

People are curious about South Korea these days. Some like K-dramas and K-pop, while others are interested to visit or take a trip to Seoul. It would not be right to leave you without some weird interesting facts about South Korea which of which you may never hear.

1. Plastic Surgery is very popular

Appearance and good looking are an important part of Korean culture. Nearly 1/3 of Korean women will undergo at least one plastic surgery in their lifetime. Parents themselves also gift sometimes their daughter “double eyelid surgery” for their sweet 16th birthday. They are very obsessed with their good looks, and appearance. If you are in South Korea, you will notice that when you visit people care a lot.

The plastic surgery business is booming in Korea.

Weird Interesting facts about South Korea

2. Korean will always be a year older than you

Age in Korea is perceived very differently than in any other world. When you are born in Korea, you are already one year old. It is counted as one as the time in the womb towards your age. They don’t change age on their birthday, instead, they get a year older on each New Year’s Day.

Confuse? If any newborn baby is born in the last week of December in the world, he/she is already one year old, and then the same child is considered two years old a couple of weeks later in the new year.

3. Fans in the Closed Room might kill you

Korean people are not scared a lot, but if you put them to sleep in a closed room with a turning on a fan then they might be causing some serious anxiety. There is a widespread belief that turning a fan in a closed room might kill you. Nobody knows where this belief comes from, but even nowadays it is still widespread.

Fan Death Superstition in South Korea

4. Food in Korea will deliver right to your door.

They take food delivery very seriously. You’ll fall in love with how South Korea handles food delivery services. Even McDonald’s freshly delivered food right to your door in South Kore. The majority of fast-food restaurants have a delivery service. This is the country where the service culture rules supreme. You can just leave your dishes outside the front door, and the delivery person will pick them up later. Services are amazing in Korea.

Make sure you order the food at least once if you’re in Korea to experience this amazing service.

Weird Interesting facts about South Korea | You may never hear!

5. A special day for “Singles”

Unlike valentine’s day and white day, the single people in South Korea celebrate “Black day” as a holiday. This is the day for those who do not have special someone

Korean Black day

6. Biggest drinking culture in Asia- you can drink anywhere!

South Koreans drink alcohol more than any other country which is known to be heavy drinkers. Seoul people hit 13.7 shots of spirits per week which is double as much as the Russians do. Korean drink soju than Russians do Vodka.

Drinking and buying alcohol in Korea is super easy. Anyone of the drinking age can purchase any type of alcohol and drink right in the shop or on their way out. Although the government plans to implement no drinking zones in public spaces.

Korea has a culture known as hoesik, (which is pronounced as hwe-shik) where a group of people gets together to share food and drink. This is particularly happening in offices, enterprises, or organizations where employees bond over drinks after their workday is over.

Biggest drinking culture in Asia- you can drink anywhere!

7. Guys get gifts on valentine’s day.

In South Korea, women go out to buy gifts for their partners. One of the interesting facts of Valentine’s Day in South Korean culture, men are subject to pampering and gifts from women.  There is a day “white day” which is a day of love after valentine’s day held on March 14 when women receive chocolate from men.

Weird Interesting facts about South Korea

8. Number 4 is considered unlucky.

South Korean considered number 4 as unlucky. Number 4 is associated with death, and this belief seems to come from China. Do you know how serious they are? Many traditional and old apartments would not have the 4th floor as it is considered unlucky.

Weird Interesting facts about South Korea | You may never hear!

There are more superstitions in South Korean culture.

  • It is believed that you should not gift your partner new shoes as they might use them to run away.
  • You shouldn’t allow your legs to shake restlessly as you’re shaking off any good luck that might be coming your way.

9. Interesting facts about South Korea – Makeup for everyone, Men Too!

Korean men spend almost 1 billion US dollars on makeup every year, and 20-30% of Korean use it on regular basis. Makeup along with other fashionable items and clothing are not just for women in South Korea. Men and women alike wear makeup, there is no stigma that men wearing makeup. Sometimes some men wear more makeup than any woman here. In South Korea, everybody wants to put their best face forward and where makeup plays the best part.

Makeup for everyone, Men Too!

Districts of Seoul are entirely dedicated to cosmetic shops; it is truly a makeup lover paradise in South Korea.

“Restaurants and Bars are closed at 11 pm by shopping malls in Seoul stay open until 4 am.”

10. Food is the essence of everything.

In most English-speaking countries, one of the common greetings is, “How are you?”. It’s the statement that is meant to show the concern for another person’s wellbeing along with the line. But, in Korea they greet “Have you eaten well?” not “How are you?”, if they greet someone. While parents talk to their children, they always worry about ‘eating well’.

After the Korean war, the country was devastated by food and agriculture. To show concern, they used to ask each other, “Have you eaten well?” (밥 먹었어요? /bap meogeoseoyo?). This phrase is still most popular even though they have more than enough food now. It shows the importance of food in Korea.

Food is the essence of everything in South Korea

There are hundreds of Korean dishes and Double fried chicken & kimchi are some of the popular meals. No one knows the exact number but it is said that there are more than 200 types of kimchi in Korea. They will spend 50% of their annual income on food and beverages and eating out.

11. People say Kimchi while taking a photos

When posing for a photo in south Korea, people usually say kimchi to show their love for their national dish. This has the same effect as saying “cheese” which leaves you with a smile on your face. There is no silent mode in-camera setting.

It’s illegal in South Korea for any mobile phone maker to sell a phone that allows a user to silence the faux shutter sound on their mobile phone cameras, so that means overzealous fans could distract players by taking pictures during their swings.

Camera sound of foreigner in South Korea

12. Internet is almost everywhere.

You’ve probably been frustrated by slow internet or no wi-fi at some point whenever you’re in the world. Having periodic issues on the internet and connectivity problem can be a serious inconvenience and put anybody in bad mood.

But, when you’re in South Korea you are in for a virtual treat. South Korea has the fastest internet speed and they can beat most of the other countries by a significant amount of speed. If you’re in Seoul, stop by an internet café then you will experience to have super-powered internet.

13. Interesting facts about South KoreaNo Beards and No stinky odor

Another Interesting facts about South Korea, “Hair and beard on the face are considered dirty in South Korea”. It is always hard for men to get a job having a beard. Although, the imperial palace guards must wear a beard in their work.  They are asked to shave and wear fake one instead of growing ones.

For a majority of people, sweat is equivalent to stink. Humans have two types of sweat glands that cause stinky sweat from the secretions of the apocrine gland. But the Korean people have the lowest amount of these glands which means most Korean don’t have a bad body odor.

Korean people are odorless..

14. Everyone wants to know your blood type

Don’t be surprised or offended if any Korean asks you about your blood type. They might be asking you if your personalities are compatible. Another Interesting facts about South Korea, “Korean believe that blood types are related to personality characters”. There are many books and articles published that explain which blood types are compatible do date each other. They believe it so much, however, no concrete evidence has been found yet.

15. South Korea uses “Crime re-creation” for the investigation of crimes

According to the Global Peace Index, South Korea is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world.

It is not common to see someone’s purses, wallets, and phones which are lying somewhere on the table while the owner zips off to the bathroom.”

Even though the majority of South Korean oppose it, the death penalty is still existing. South Korea is one of the 53 countries in the world that still upload this punishment.

Another Interesting facts about South Korea – They use strange practices known as “crime re-creation”. Suspected crimes are led in handcuffs by the police to the crime scene. In a strange show, for the investigation, suspected are ordered to publicly reenact the crime they commit, and the media is invited to publish images & media of the events.

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