How to use Telegram Marketing for business? Strategy and Method

How to use Telegram for marketing? – Strategy and Method

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How to use Telegram for marketing? – Strategy and Method

How to put your ads on the Telegram channel? Learn more about Telegram Marketing strategies…

Well, first, Telegram Marketing is the type just like messenger marketing which implies promoting your brands or businesses via Telegram. You can grow your boost sales, and outreach, and help your customers to explore your business services.

Telegram is a free and secure app that is cloud-based and works across any device i.e., mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Here, users are allowed to send text, share photos, videos, and files, and also can create channels & groups for better interaction with the audience.

If you create a channel and added your contacts to it, then what’s next to do is- you need to gather subscribers for your channel.

Telegram’s monthly active users exceed to number 550 million by August 2021 and become one of the most downloaded apps today. So, why is Telegram so popular? The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, launched this app in 2013 and already had almost one billion downloads. Due to its specific features like open-source, security, user-friendly orientation, and on the top of that “Secret Chat” function. Telegram is encrypted with special protocols and gives full privacy to its users.

Most of the big brands are attracted to Telegram Marketing. They use telegram to create branded stickers that can go viral and can have an unlimited number of subscribers.

“Telegram channels or groups attract many users due to unlimited capabilities on it. Only admins have the right to post contents with the group of people, and can access an unlimited number of subscribers.”

Telegram Marketing is growing and most popular brands create their group or channels due to instant notifications, Instant messages, reasonable pricing for advertising, and a high reach rate from 10% to 30%.

Telegram Chatbots

Telegram Marketing Strategy

  • Set your goal

With the help of telegram, you can pursue the goals like boosting customer engagement, driving traffic to your website, building a trusting relationship between customers, increasing sales, and supporting your clients.

For example: If you aim to build a trusting relationship with existing customers and increase sales, then all you need to do is create a private channel and add your most loyal customers. Let them know about to choose the desired items, learn about upcoming sales, discounts, etc.

  • Create an account on Telegram

When you are creating an account, you get 3 options- channel, group, and chatbot.

Telegram group is the chat where many people up to 200,000 can add for conversation, and send messages, photos, audio files, and videos. It can be either public or private, if it is public then any user can find it in search and join. If it is private then the user needs an invitation link from an owner or admin. You can share content with your customers.

telegram Group

Telegram channels are used for broadcasting messages to a large number of audiences with no limitation to the number of members. Admins of the channels are only allowed to post and members are notified of every new post. Members cannot see each other and the admins of that channel, only the admin & owner have the right to see the members of the channel.

telegram marketing

To create a channel, click the top-left corner and choose the option “New channel”, and fill in the information. You can choose either to make it public or private. If you have more than 500 subscribers, you can access the information like the languages of your subscribers speak, the no of users who join, mute, leave, how your followers find you, etc.

And if you want to provide 24/7 support with possible resources, then consider creating a Telegram Chatbot for your business. No need to have technical skills or code knowledge.

Telegram Chatbot can provide users about your business, share prices, show catalogs, answer FAQs, close a deal, and automate routine tasks. This is a virtual assistant for your brands, which imitates real conversion with a client based on a pre-designed system.


Creating a chatbot with Sendpulse is free, and you can send up to 10k messages per month at free cost.

  • Go to your Telegram account, in the search bar “type @botfather” and choose a Telegram Bot. Start to activate a bot.
  • Type the /newsbot command, and click “send”.
  • Put the name of your bot and copy the token value.
  • Go to sendpulse account and navigate to the chatbots, and paste your token value in the corresponding field.
  • Now, subscribe to your telegram bot. You are ready.

  • Promote your Telegram Account

Now it’s time to choose which type of account you want to create. Whichever you prefer, it must be visible in front of audiences. There are some effective ways to promote your Telegram account.

How to advertise your business on Telegram?

Paid way:

If you don’t have time to search and study the details, then with your budget you can turn to the advertising stock exchanges and advertising selling channels. There are the most popular telegram advertising exchanges- Telegrator,, AdGram, etc.

You just need to use the stock exchange to look for suitable channels for your business with the help of filters and buy ads from that specialist.

Also, you can promote your Telegram channels on Facebook ads which may risky in the US or European countries, since everyone may not have Telegram. But you may get new members where Telegram is extremely popular in countries like Russia, Kenya, Iran, Nigeria, India, and other countries.

To buy a Telegram member is a very simple and not so expensive way to advertise on any Telegram channel. Most of the members join the Telegram app to subscribe to a catalog of channels by giving consent. Then, the user can access the channel, but later they may decide if he/she is interested in staying there or not.


If you have a Telegram channel of your own then all you need to do is get audiences. Few methods to advertise at free of cost on Telegram Channel are:

  • Add Telegram link to your website: This is one of the best organic or direct ways to get users from google who may join your channel.
  • Post on Social Media Platform: This is the simple and leveraged way to your Channel link on social media platforms. We never know which platform is preferred by someone.
  • Get listed on catalogs: You can get multiple Telegram channel catalogs Tgstst,,, etc., which are free, and easily get listed on any of them.
  • Run a giveaway or contest: You can get mass sharing of your Telegram link if you offer a giveaway, or good discount, or a free bonus.
  • Can create Viral Content: This way is not that easy but can be the most rewarding one if you can create a viral and unique post or content.

You can also find more about the advantages of Telegram marketing and advertising here.

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