How to make money with TikTok? Use Viral & Trending hashtags #

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How to make money with TikTok? Use Viral & Trending hashtags #

How to make money with TikTok in Nepal?

Do you think it is possible to make money with TikTok in Nepal? Yes! surely. You can make money from the TikTok app. Everyone seems to have a TikTok account to make videos and watch other people’s accounts. What if you make money on TikTok? Here are 10 proven ways to make money from the TikTok app. We call the video a boring day scrolling most of the time. You can earn a good income if you think reasonably about your hobbies, passions, and interests and start planning. TikTok is a mobile application widely known for its short and engaging videos. It was officially launched in 2016 by Chinese startup ByteDance. It started to gain popularity just before the Covid19 pandemic. Having gone through different bands and blocks in different countries, it is very popular among Nepalese and loved by Nepalese creators.

There are more than over 1 billion active users worldwide. It’s a huge community of short videos and live videos. It has brought various ways to make money online in Nepal.

  • Work Between Tiktokers and Brands
  • Expand your presence
  • Being a Tutor
  • Selling Account
  • Marketing
  • Tiktok Pulse Programme
  • Get Sponsored
  • Use trending and relevant hashtags

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A follower or viewer can send about $ 1.39 worth of virtual coins per 100 coins. They send you gifts like pandas, Italian hands, I am very rich, the queen of drama and so on. The gift contains coins. For example, a panda has 5 coins and a drama queen has 5000 coins.

Drama Queen is the best gift on TikTok. You need two coins to make a diamond. Diamonds are worth 5 cents. TikTok cuts off half of your income and gives you half. Livestreaming on TikTok requires at least 1000 followers.

Work Between Tiktokers and Brands

Even if TikTok doesn’t have followers, you can still make money from TikTok in Nepal. It’s a work that connects TikTok influencers with brands that want to invest in advertising.

If you have business and negotiation skills, you can work as a brand moderator or broker with TikTokers. All you have to do is find the best influencers for your brand and enjoy your commissions.

Expand your presence

You may be creating a video in a particular niche of interest. Your niche can be acting, modeling, travel, food, entertainment, comedy, etc., and you can expand your presence in that niche.

Appears as TikTokers and shows common examples of various TikTokers established as actors or models.

Prissy Prisma and Deepa Damanta are examples of this burning. They started modeling and acting as soon as they were loved by their viewers. You can like them too. When it comes to virality, a lot of media will appear and it will be easier to expand your presence.

Being a Tutor

Sharing your information with humans continually offers you benefits. You can begin sharing information on the subject at that you are good. You can see Swagat Gywali on TikTok sharing the IPO information from his videos. He has a terrific fan following. You also can paintings as a educate and earn cash from TikTok.

You can promote your e-books and publications when you get popular. You may even pass stay and sell the goods or get sponsored.

Selling Account

The TikTok account with a terrific quantity of fans may be offered in an excessive quantity which you cannot even think of. Many humans call for a TikTok account having a terrific quantity of fans. You want to develop the account first and provide others for sale.

 You can be seeking customers through the usage of Facebook and telegram groups. The customers can be out of your circle who’s desiring fans.


You can do virtual advertising and market the usage of TikTok. When you’ve got information on virtual advertising and marketing then it will likely be a possibility for you. You do now no longer want to rely on your fans to earn cash from TikTok. If you do advertising and marketing the usage of TikTok like on Facebook and Instagram then it is able to generate big revenue.

Tiktok Pulse Programme

As the YouTube’s Creator fee Program TikTok additionally initiated the TikTok Pulse Program which shall we the advertisers run their advertisements withinside the pinnacle 4% of the movies withinside the app (movies with lengthy lengths like a video of five mins or extra).

It is stated that the famous TikTok customers with extra than 1 lakh fans can get the gain from this program.  It has released this system withinside the U.S and is prone to lunch globally soon. Talking to the verse TikTok introduced the Pulse Program.

Use trending and relevant hashtags

Tiktok hashtags

Tap the Discover option at the bottom of the app to see the latest trending hashtags, sounds, and effects on TikTok. When you tap a trending hashtag, sound, or topic, you’ll see popular videos that have used those features.
If you can incorporate any combination of trending topics into one or more videos, you’re more likely to wind up on peoples’ For You pages.
While you don’t want to mirror someone’s content exactly, you can gain inspiration from TikTokers who are already popular on the platform.
As long as you’re using at least one or two popular hashtags, you can add some goofy or ironic ones. For example, if you’re singing a love song to your cat, you could use #TrueLove, #HeHatesMe, or #We’rePerfect, to add a funny element to your video.

Some FAQ associated with TikTok

How a good deal TikTok can pay for 1 million views?

There isn’t always a set threshold of giving a predetermined quantity for 1 million views. Your profits completely rely upon the manner in which you have monetized your content material.

How much can you earn from TikTok in Nepal?

Income From TikTok Nepal: You can be amazed to recognize that a cell app is a price tag from which humans can earn millions. The tale of Anshu Verma, who earns around one lakh rupees in a day, can virtually wander you.

Who has the very best fans on TikTok Nepal?

Prinsy Prisma has the very best variety of fans on TikTok in Nepal. They already had hit extra than 7.8 million fans.

 After them, Our Sheikh is another name that has received a lot of attention in the Tiktok industry. He is famous not only for Tiktok but also for following on Instagram and other social media accounts. After his video became viral, he gained fame through TikTok and Instagram. Ohidur Sheikh is called ohidur247 in the TikTok app.

Then, Reshma, Subham Shukla, Deepa, Damanta Shrestha, and Usha Upreti are other TikTok stars who have the very best fans on TikTok Nepal.

What are TikTok gifts?

LIVE Gift is a feature that allows viewers to react to TikTok videos and show appreciation for the content if enabled on their accounts. LIVE Gifts is a way to collect diamonds from TikTok. You can then use TikTok to redeem your diamonds for money.

How to withdraw cash from TikTok in Nepal?

You want a PayPal account to withdraw cash from TikTok in Nepal. If you do not have you could create your Paypal account. It is an easy process.

  • Go on your profile
  • Click on 3 dots
  • Click on balance
  • Go to stay present or some other wherein you’ve got earned cash
  • Add your Paypal details
  • Click on hold to withdraw.
  • Your cash arrives inside 3-five commercial enterprise days for your Paypal account.


In order to earn cash from TikTok, you ought to attention to pleasant content material. The face cost subjects load in TikTok. When you get famous a few of the visitors together along with your precious content material then it is now no longer a large deal to earn cash. I desire you to cherish the eight methods I even have cited to earn cash from TikTok in Nepal.

Content is continually a King and we can’t deny that. If you benefit fans simply through publishing random movies then, they can’t assist you are making cash. Try to make movies together along with your voice, you could assist human beings via your video imparting records and tips, you could even do comedy, act, etc. All you want to do is construct yourself as a brand.

Is it Possible to Earn Money from TikTok?

The very brief solution is yes. Tiktok is a totally large worldwide network wherein we will do loads of factors to earn cash online. We have visible many human beings being viral via their loving content material on TikTok.

Qualification criteria for making money on Tiktok in Nepal

There are no pre-determined criteria for making money on TikTok. But what is very important here to make money is your popularity.

How to make money with TikTok in Nepal? Don’t be afraid to move on to making money with the TikTok app. It’s not the new thing you’re trying to do. Thousands of people make money on TikTok. Billions of people are using TikTok, and only thousands of them can make money. In order to be able to earn money on this platform, you do have to meet certain criteria, and most of the criteria relate to popularity. After all, TikTok videos are short and if you are not popular enough, who would be eager to spend money on you?

Having said that, let’s look at the criteria now.

  • Age must be 18 or older
  • Must have at least 10k followers
  • Must have received 100K views over the past 30 days

Getting 10K followers is a challenge on Tiktok. After all, you have a limited time to impress the viewers, so it might be a little hard to earn right away.

It’s a huge community, and being a huge community is an opportunity and a challenge in itself. I’m not saying that the tips given here will start making money overnight, but these tips will help you plan your trip to TikTok.

 If you have a large number of followers, most methods will work. To make money with TikTok, you need to create face value within the TikTok community. The most important thing you can do is get more followers on TikTok before you think about earning anything.

 The truth remains true. If TikTok doesn’t have enough followers and identities, you’ll get very little. If you don’t want to count your followers, you can try them out. It’s not difficult to get followers with

TikTok, The most important thing you have to do is keep working with compelling content.

You can get sponsorship

This is the most common way  TikTokers make money on TikTok. You can get sponsors from different brands. This only happens if TikTok has a significant number of followers. Various companies that want to promote their products and services will contact you to create a video that tells their followers about their products and services.  You can sign up for influencer marketing websites to receive offers and sponsorships. You can try  Shoutcast. If you have good followers on TikTok, sign up here and wait for your brand to appear.

you can get sponsored

Tik Tok Advertising

Like AdSense on YouTube and Facebook Audience Network on Facebook, TikTok content has TikTok ads. Sign up for TikTok ads and make money from TikTok videos as you watch more videos.

how to make money with tiktok: Tiktok advertising

 With TikTok in Nepal, you can make money by displaying ads on videos such as YouTube videos. There are pros and cons to using TikTok ads.

The benefit is that you could earn cash monetizing your video in the downside is that your follower can also additionally get angry with the advert and might unfollow you. This takes place due to the fact customers like to look at quick motion pictures on TikTok and what if exclusive advertisements hassle you in a video of simply 15 seconds?

TikTok Live

TikTok Live is the maximum great function that may be used to earn cash from TikTok. You can also additionally understand Anshu Verma, who earns around one lakh rupees in a day, can surely surprise you. He has been earning millions by coming live on Tiktok. He is from Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur. He earns more than a million rupees a day in his own room. Your visitors can ship you exclusive presents and donations.

how to make money with tiktok: Tiktok Live

How to Withdraw Money From Your TikTok Account?

Many content material creators on TikTok are the use of the platform now no longer simply as an outlet for self-expression, but additionally as a method to earn actual cash.

Through the TikTok Live Stream Program content material creators earn TikTok diamonds, which may be transformed into actual cash and withdrawn right into a financial institution account.

If you’ve got earned diamonds thru the Live Stream Program, you could view your TikTok stability and withdraw it for your financial institution account.

  • To view your stability and begin a withdrawal, go to your profile after which click on the 3 dots at the pinnacle right-hand nook of your display screen. Scroll down and pick out Balance.
  • You`ll be taken to a display screen that suggests your coin stability and a small button at the lowest that announces LIVE Gifts. Select LIVE Gifts to test your diamonds’ stability.

To withdraw your earnings, you could click on the Withdraw button at the lowest. After agreeing to the phrases and conditions, you`ll be requested to log in to your PayPal account after which kind the quantity you`d want to withdraw.

Your request can be reviewed after which processed. It may want to take some days (up to fifteen days) for your cash to get for your Paypal Account.

Withdrawing Using Your PayPal

The minimal quantity you could withdraw from Tiktok to PayPal is $50 and the most you could withdraw is $1,000 in keeping with the day. So in case, you have $five,000 for your TikTok stability you could withdraw this in five days by taking out $1,000 every day.

To affirm your PayPal account you want to hyperlink and verify a financial institution or hyperlink and verify a card. If you`re new to PayPal, here`s a manual

  • Set up a PayPal account to receive payments. If your TikTok name, name, or email address doesn’t match what you’re using in your PayPal account, you may also have problems sending money.
  • If that doesn’t work, you can contact TikTok support from within the app. Click the three dots in the upper right corner of your profile.  Scroll down and report the problem. Select it and tap the memo icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Then select Send Feedback at the bottom. A page appears where you can enter the report and add screenshots. When you’re done, select Report.  TikTok can help you make money

TikTok is continually evolving to provide more features to both creators and their followers. It has grown into more than just a video platform. For example, the gift feature allows followers to support their beloved influencers. Payment features, on the other hand, allow creators to make significant money from creative work through the content they create.

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