Pros and cons of using Facebook for Marketing in your Business

Pros and cons of using Facebook for Marketing in your Business

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Pros and cons of using Facebook for Marketing in  your Business

Facebook is still the biggest social media platform with estimates of over 2 billion monthly users worldwide in 2023. However, while it certainly looks to be a great place to advertise your business, it’s not for everyone, and it’s definitely worth taking a look at the pros and cons of the platform before deciding whether to use it or not.

We all know what Facebook is. Even though some of us do not use this social media platform, we still use it. Although other networking platforms such as Reddit and LinkedIn may have a decent number of users, Facebook is still the biggest social media platform with estimates of over 2 billion monthly users worldwide in 2023.

Considering this, this is the perfect platform for activities, from simple networking and making friends to marketing. Here we will be focusing on the business aspect of Facebook, i.e., Facebook Marketing.

What is Facebook Marketing?

What is Facebook marketing?

In simple terms, Facebook Marketing is promoting your business and brand through Facebook. This includes activities like:

  • Running AdWord campaign
  • Creating custom content 
  • Engaging in group discussions
  • Linking your website
  • Creating your brand image

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And more. As you may have noticed from the activities here, the focus of Facebook Marketing is to grab the user’s attention and keep them hooked. This process is similar to any other form of marketing since you are essentially spreading your brand/ business awareness by grabbing the attention of Facebook users and increasing their engagement.

But Does Facebook Marketing Work?

Does facebook marketing really works?

Yes, it does work. Facebook Marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing. The reason is relatively simple as well. Since Facebook has 2.9 Billion active users monthly, you get a large potential audience. Now you don’t need to attract all of these people to succeed. Even if you manage to convert a small portion of this population into your customers, you will be a considerable profit.

Another reason Facebook Marketing works is that you will find it easier to find your niche customers due to its user base. This is hard in other forms of social media marketing. 

The final reason why Facebook Marketing works is that most of its user base is there to kill time and get entertained. If you grab a product that appeals to the general populace, your business/ brand can easily make its name and grow through Facebook Marketing.

How does Facebook Marketing work?

Although there are many ways to market yourself on Facebook, one of the core players is Ad Word campaigns. 

Having this tool in your arsenal can boost your reach significantly. These ads are targeted toward users based on their location, activity history, and demographics. Once you create an ad, you need to set your target audience and budget. Once you do this effectively, Facebook will show your Ad to relevant users.

If you do this well, you can generate a relatively good number of followers. However, to keep them engaged, you will also need good content. The content on Facebook can be in the form of text, images, audio/visuals, animations, polls, or simply links with a caption.

The point of your content while using Facebook Marketing is to keep the visitors engaged and/ or guide them toward your business link. 

That being said, although you can promote your brand via Facebook Marketing quite well, it does have its own set of Pros and Cons.

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What are some pros and cons of Facebook Marketing?

Pros and cons of using facebook for marketing

Nothing is perfect in this world. Therefore, as good as Facebook’s marketing is, it also has good and bad aspects. Let’s take a look at some of them now. 

Pros of Facebook Marketing

Let’s talk about the good side of Facebook marketing first. Regardless of whether you are a user or business personnel, this tiny bit of marketing technology has many benefits. Some of which are:

1. Microtargeting

Pros of using Facebook for marketing

In simple terms, Microtargeting is the feature of Facebook that lets the business owner target a tiny location of the world to conduct their business and spread their influence. This feature is best used by local business owners whose primary customers are those within a locality. 

As for the users, this feature of Facebook Marketing helps you know the new businesses in your locality, which will be extremely helpful in 2022. 

2. Re-Targeting

The concept behind re-targeting is simple; if people get attracted to something, they will recheck similar things. This is one of the introductory human psychology, and by using this, Facebook enables business owners to reach an audience with higher chances of getting engagements again. 

If you are a user, this will help you find more accessible products and businesses of your interest. 

3. Large Audience

Pros and cons of using Facebook for marketing

We have mentioned this a few times before, but one of the biggest pros/benefits of using Facebook Marketing as a business is the plethora of audience you have. It is estimated that roughly 70% of internet users are on Facebook.

This gives businesses a wide range of possible customers and the freedom to select their niches.

4. Facebook is Enough

Although it is always good to have your business website, you technically don’t need one. You can place your product for sale on Facebook while marketing your business. 

Sure, people will not have a website to visit, and you will lack customization options in your business area; but it will still be functional. Therefore, if you grow your business through Facebook Marketing, you can technically start it without a website. 

5. Helps in SEO

Pros and cons of using Facebook for marketing

The best part about Facebook Marketing is that if you have your website linked to your Facebook page, there is a good chance that your website will be visited. This will naturally increase the number of visitors to your website, which leads to better SEO trends in 2022

For those unaware of what SEO is, it is the ranking of your website in Google. 

Cons of Facebook Marketing

Although there are only a few cons of Facebook Marketing, it does have rather concerning ones. Let’s get right into the cons without any further delay. 

1. Organic Reach is hard to get

Organic Reach is hard to get

This simply means that it is hard to get genuine viewers without paying for advertisements. Don’t get us wrong; you can get a good amount of organic viewers. The only issue is that it may take weeks and even years of constant posting to get decent engagement. 

This is a glaring weakness of Facebook for those unwilling to pay. It is either pays to boost your business content on Facebook or make extensive use of every social contact you have on Facebook to share your business page. The first one will cost you money and the second is not efficient for business. 

2. Fake Metrics

Although this won’t affect your business, Facebook has been criticized over the years for exaggerating a few simple metrics. These metrics include:

  • Number of Video Plays
  • Viewers on Instant Articles
  • App referrals metrics
  • Organic Reach

The metrics are not faked per se, but they are inflated to some extent. This will not help you in any way. However, this will help Facebook gain credibility. 

Because this has been criticized, Facebook has taken some measures; however, there have been no reports since. 

3. Pay to Win

pay to win

Facebook Marketing is a lot like Pay to win games. If you pay more, your business will get better visibility than those who pay less. This doesn’t mean that those who pay less will not get any visibility. It just means that it is very easy for your competitors to outbid you and gain an advantage in Facebook Marketing.

In short, Facebook Marketing can often be all about who pays more. It won’t matter much for those with business in a smaller niche. However, money will be a key factor if you serve across a broader market and have competitors. 

4. Not really meant for busy people

This is one of the biggest drawbacks of Facebook Marketing. Facebook Marketing works through the News Feed section of Facebook and requires the user to scroll for a while before your business recommendation page is shown. This means that those who don’t have time to scroll through Facebook Newsfeed or just use the messenger app of Facebook will never see your ad or content.

Although this social media platform does indeed have many user bases, many themes simply do not have time for a leisurely stroll. Even if they do this, their news feed will be occupied by the pages, groups, and people they are already connected to. Therefore, despite the access to an extremely large potential engagement, the actual number is significantly less than in theory. 

5. Facebook is a Social Network – Not a Business one

Facebook is a Social Network - Not a Business one

Is Facebook Marketing effective? Definitely yes, but you should remember that Facebook at its core is meant to connect people and will always prioritize entertainment more than business. This is a website that gains money through people’s engagements. 

Because of this, there will be tons of people who don’t care about business. Furthermore, there are tons of Fake IDs and abandoned Ids on this social media platform. There will always be a risk that your advertisement money is being used on people who have 0 chance of a conversion.

All of this results in a low return chance and conversion rate, which is a crippling drawback for Facebook Marketing. 

How to Start Facebook Marketing?

Despite the drawbacks, if you put in some effort and do your business well, the chances of getting decent customers are good here. The only question now is how to start Facebook Marketing. 

It is, in fact, very simple. All you need to do is:

  • Step 1: Open a Business Page
  • Step 2: Create Customized Quality Content for your page
  • Step 3: Start Facebook Ad
  • Step 4: Boost your posts and Ad
  • Step 5: Watch the Analytics and modify your target audience and content as per need.

The complete process is a bit more complex than these five steps, but the complexity lies in selecting the target audience and building the campaign. Once you do that, the activity done on Facebook is as simple as a few clicks.

In the end,

advertising on fb

Facebook is a weird and wonderful platform that can be used for virtually anything involving networking. Here we went through the overall gist of Facebook Marketing, including how it works and some of its good and bad aspects.

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