Facebook Marketing Hacks with Killer Content Ideas- 100% Work

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Facebook Marketing Hacks with Killer Content Ideas- 100% Work

Coming up with for social media content is the least favorite task for most business owners. If you run a business today, there’s a lot of pressure to be online. So, Mysticrubs creats Facebook Maketing Hacks to helps your business goals.

It’s been said that if you want to be successful, you need to be active on as many platforms as possible. And your activity includes creating content, which means a lot of content, we all know. Creating content can be easy. For example, when an event is approaching or a sale is on. But sometimes it feels like you’re dragging your feet through the mud, right? Nothing interesting, what should I post? Read on. But first…

Why post on Facebook?

You may have heard that organic reach (that is, people viewing your posts without paying for advertising) is pretty bad right now. If you’re not reaching a large number of people, you may be wondering what the point of posting content to your Facebook business page is.

Well, if you’re using Facebook ads (and you really should), people probably won’t follow or care about your page without fresh content.

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You want to create a portfolio of interesting content to grab the attention of users who click on your ad and land on your page and encourage them to follow you.

What kind of content should you post?

Facebook is unique in that it is a social media platform. In other words, to use Facebook well, you have to be social.

I don’t want to date a person who only talks about work. And no one wants to follow sites that are just trying to sell themselves all the time. So, make sure the content you share on your Facebook business page is fun, interesting, and worth following. Share inspiring, educational, or entertaining content which is is great for Facebook Marketing hacks.

Also, be generous and try to share other people’s content too.

Facebook Marketing Hacks

Share a quick tip

Quick tips

Hope it helps! Make your site interesting by providing free little tips and tricks. Taking actionable steps to help people succeed can set you apart from your competitors.

Photos/ Images

facebook marekting hacks

Images work better on Facebook than plain text posts. If you have something you want to share, try including a photo next to it.

Some ideas…

  • Give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your company. What kind of workplace is your workplace? What does your typical day look like? What are you doing at the office?
  • Introduce followers to your team. Get everyone together for a team photo or separate headshots to share content.
  • Share fun facts about yourself or a member of your team. Your followers want to know that you are genuine and relatable.



Videos are the most viewed content online. Posting videos directly to Facebook is especially effective. This is because Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes these posts over others. This means that your videos are more likely to reach more people.


Polls questions

Polls are a great way to make your posts interactive for your followers. Polls are one of the great Facebook marketing hacks which are also very easy to create. After asking the question, he just adds two options for the user to choose from. Add photos and GIFs along with options to make your poll more interesting. We also recommend changing the length of the survey run. The default is he’s a week, but it’s probably longer than you need to reach your audience and get the engagement you need.


Quotes of the day

People love to be inspired and words can have a very powerful effect. Quotes are highly shareable content. Just incorporate your branding into your images and you’re good to go.

Meme or cartoon

Meme or Cartoon

Memes are arguably the most popular content on the web and are likely to get the shares, likes, and comments you’re looking for! If you’re looking for one, you can create your own (and more importantly, something relevant to your audience!).

Ask a Question

Ask your question

If you want to come up with more content ideas, a good place to start is by asking your followers what specifically they struggle with.

Blog posts

Facebook Marketing Hacks

We encourage you to promote your blog content through as many channels as possible.  If you have a new blog post, share it on Facebook! Even if you have shared it before, you should also share your old blog post. It’s unlikely that all your followers saw the original post, so it’s worth re-sharing it to get as much attention as possible.

Event Sharing

This can be an event you are hosting which is a great way to attract attention/raise awareness for your brand. Or this can be someone else’s event that is relevant to your business or the region you are in.


Facebook marketing hacks

Sharing a checklist is a great way to be helpful and add value to your followers. They don’t take long to create but are really effective at showing you put in a little effort for your customers. 

Facebook Marketing Highlights


  1. Attract targeted fans
  2. Friends of fans expand the reach
  3. Engage with fans – WOW them
  4. Speak your fans’ language
  5. Ask fans to share your post
  6. Promote posts for the best reach
  7. Mine insights for Fan Data


  1. INSIGHTS tell you what works
  2. Which post has the best Reach?
  3. Repeat/adapt #9 type posts
  4. Photos = Engagement
  5. Easy to engage
  6. Fill-in-blank posts
  7. Mix fun & informative posts
  8. Post when fans are active


  1. 851×315 Timeline dimension
  2. 180×180 Profile photo size
  3. Add call-to-action to cover
  4. Announce promotions here
  5. Pinned posts = visibility
  6. Highlight posts = full width
  7. Use engaging apps
  8. Capture contact info w/app
  9. 3 sec to tell people the essentials

Facebook ADS

  1. Keep ads simple
  2. Power Editor is best for agencies
  3. Boost Post is simple & budget-friendly
  4. Target your ad to interests & likes
  5. Local? Target geographically
  6. News Feed ads offer the best CTR
  7. Choose ad type based on goals
  8. Target Friends of Fans


  1. Rank top posts by Reach/Shares
  2. Note time of posts w/ greatest Reach
  3. Identify where Page Likes came from
  4. Who are “Talking About This” fans?
  5. Where is #28 located geographically?
  6. Sched posts for best reach to #28
  7. Identity Top Pages/Tabs Viewed
  8. Put lead gen on most viewed tabs


  1. Reward fans who tag your biz
  2. Link to an article, video
  3. Include call-to-action
  4. Fan contest for sharing
  5. Post compelling photo
  6. Add a Like box to the website
  7. Keep the text short, to the point
  8. Add the Like button to the website


  1. Get a large focused fan base
  2. Display CTA on cover
  3. Offer freebie as lead gen
  4. Capture email for a freebie
  5. Integrate Email marketing
  6. Use targeted ads wisely
  7. Review Insights monthly
  8. Lead-to-sale takes time



Contests are also one of the best Facebook marketing hacks which is a great way to help grow your Facebook page, reach more people, and generate leads. Contests have the power to drive traffic to your Facebook page and when used properly can be a very valuable tool for reaching your engagement and lead generation goals.

  1. Award a prize to fans who share
  2. integrate content from your website
  3. Host a joint contest with colleagues
  4. Crowdsource new product ideas
  5. Ask fans to vote for their favorite
  6. Photo contests generate most actively
  7. Make entering a contest simple
  8. Use contest apps like TabSite & Shortstack

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Facebook Banned Words to Avoid – Facebook Marketing Hacks

These are words you may have used hundreds of times, but you probably didn’t know that Facebook considers them indicators of poor-quality content. They narrow the scope considerably and pull the algorithm down. If you know these words and how to replace them, you can beat the algorithms. Reach more potential customers and continue to use calls to action in your posts.

Sales & selling terms
·       BUY
·       COUPON
·       DISCOUNT
·       SALE | % OFF
·       Gift idea
·       Pick it up
·       Hurry over
·       Run, you’ll love it
·       Get it
·       Grab it
·       Snag it
·       Score this
·       Fill your bag
·       My house needs this
·       Lowest I’ve seen
·       One fourth took off the total
·       Huge drop
·       ¼ you get to keep in your pocket
Deals & Giveaways
·       GIVEAWAY
·       DEAL
·       WIN
·       ENTER
·       CONTEST
·       FREE
·       FREEBIE
·       Grab it now
·       Snatch it up
·       As good as it gets
·       Rock bottom
·       This one’s been
·       For diddly squat
·       For Nada
·       Make your wallet happy
·       Don’t wait on this one
·       Come & get it
·       Nothing for you
Time Limitation
·       ONLY X DAYS
·       TODAY ONLY
·       The close is ticking
·       This won’t last
·       Don’t miss this one
·       Zoom on over
·       Quick
·       The Count Down is On
·       Run. You’ll love it
·       Hurry up!

Killer Social Media Content Ideas

  • Share your story (your passion)
  • Talk about your struggles and how you overcome them (your failures and wins)
  • Tell a funny story about something connected to your business
  • Share behind-the-scenes photos or videos
  • Make videos of business events
  • Explain why you decided to buy a product or join a business
  • Talk about your products and how they help people
  • Share someone else’s inspiring story
  • Share testimonials from your customers
  • Share a funny quote about your niche
  • Share an inspirational quote and tell your audience what you think about that specific quote or how it helped you through a situation
  • Share a quote (graphics) – ask your audience what they think about it
  • Share your favorite quote (graphics or text) and ask your audience to
  • share their favorite quote
  • Ask your audience what their biggest struggle in business is
  • Ask them what should you post next
  • Ask which topic should you cover in a live video
  • Ask questions related to your business or industry
  • Sunday Funday (share what you did that day) – #SundayFunday
  • Give away a coupon code
  • Talk about a product that’s on sale
  • Sell your products or services
  • Promote your new product
  • Talk about the benefits of the
  • product and how it helped you
  • Promote *One Day ONLY Flash sale
  • Host a webinar
  • Make a live video (profile, page…
  • Host a Giveaway (on a live video)
  • Create a video with a couple of tips (from your blog), then tell your audience they can find more tips on your blog post (share a link)
  • Make an interview with a leader in your company
  • Ask for recommendations (books, courses or something related to your business)
  • Motivational Monday (motivate your audience) – #MotivationMonday
  • Tip Tuesday (related to your niche) – #TipTuesday
  • Create Wisdom Wednesday post #WisdomWednesday
  • Throwback Thursday (photos of a trip or your previous results)- #ThrowbackThursday
  • Freebie Friday (give a Freebie) – #FreebieFriday
  • Saturday Special (share something special) – #SaturdaySpecial

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